Ann Coulter Refuses to Board Airplane With Black Pilot

Jan 29, 2013

ann_coulter_rectConservative commentator and author Ann Coulter refused to stay on board a Miami to New York commercial airline flight today after learning the pilot was a woman of African-American descent.

According to witness reports Coulter was concerned the experienced, decorated pilot in question may have gained her position as a result of affirmative action and wasn't fully qualified to fly.

The incident began when Coulter boarded the American Airlines flight and took up her first class seat. After a trip to the bathroom, she noticed the pilot was a black woman and became immediately distraught.

According to passengers, at that point Coulter stood at the front of the cabin and began screaming her concerns to the entire flight as they finished boarding.

"Aw come on people, a black woman flying a plane? You know she got that job through affirmative action. Am I the only one worried about this? I mean hello? Our lives are at stake here..."

Ann Of Mean Labels

The confused passengers weren't sure what to make of Coulter's outburst, and remained completely silent.

"Really? So we're just gonna let this happen? We're gonna let political correctness determine our safety? Is this what we've come to in Obama's America? Letting just anyone fly a plane out of fear of being called a racist?"

"Oh come on don't be coy. I know you're all thinking it! I just have the courage to say what everyone on this plane is thinking. Am I right?"

"I mean what's next? Are we gonna let Mexicans become doctors now? Jesus Christ people!"

Realizing her efforts to provoke a mutiny had come to naught, Coulter then took her carry-on bags and bolted back up the jetway towards the gate against the orders of the flight attendants.

Final Descent Into Madness

In reality the pilot of the plane was trained by the U.S. Air Force and was a decorated veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where she flew aerial refueling missions for transport and reconnaissance aircraft.

She has been flying for American Airlines for four years, and is one of that airline's most experienced 737 pilots.

After the incident Coulter was taken in for questioning as violating a flight attendant' instructions is a federal offense. Law enforcement officials, however, say no charges will be filed.

"Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness," explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler, "We recommended against pressing charges, and mandated a full psychiatric evaluation."

Coulter, however, is unapologetic about her actions. In a statement released on her official Tumblr she defended her decision to stay off the plane.

"I made the best decision I could with the information I had at the time. I'm not gonna risk my life for the sake of some liberal fantasy of equality. "

Coulter is known for her controversial views on race, and is the author of the recent book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

  • perfectly perfect!!!

  • Aldo Viji

    She hasn’t been in the news for a while. Guess she was craving attention. I did enjoy the reccomendation from TSA spokesperson, she does need a shrink.

  • Jared

    I love Ann Coulter. She sure knows how to piss off liber*ls!

  • Salieri2

    Satire, people. Satire.

  • Serendipita

    Ms. Coulter must’ve missed the movie Flight. In that movie, a Black man, played by the wonderful Denzel Washington, successfully lands an out-of-control aircraft with minimal loss of life. She needs to get out to the movies more. That’ll help her better connect with reality. 😉

  • NavyBlues05

    The Currant cuts as close to reality as satirical literature allows. It’s WONDEFUL!

  • That’s OK. Normal men refuse to board her because of her adam’s apple……..and she’s a hateful twunt.

  • I hope the airline blacklists her (pardon the pun) and refuses to carry her in future

  • Ideally it would be best if all airlines refused to have her as a passenger

  • Joey Tranchina

    Is this “The Onion?”
    Is this 2013?

    Are you fuckin’ kidding?
    I hope this is satire.

  • YouArePathetic

    or all humans who are not complete assholes.

  • MrBeale

    This is satire, but it’s amazingly believable.

  • dont know why she would even get on a plane when she has her broom to ride

  • I can’t believe not one person told her to shut her bigoted yap trap. I would have, and I would not have had a second thought about it. At least they were sensitive enough to recognize her mental illness,

  • DuanePaulson

    coulter [verb], to vomit uncontrollably, as after consuming way too alcoholic beverages. coulter [noun], the detrium, effluvia, or mess remaining after one coulters (verb).

  • This has to be satire. Not even Ann Coulter is that stupid.

  • Lol…good one!

  • pick a name

    Dirk Diggler……oh my

  • 2 funny…LOL!!!

  • Dirk Diggler? That cannot be real

  • Reed Rothchild

    The TSA agen is Dirk Diggler? I dont think this is real.

  • Anonymouss

    You love Ann Coulter? Do you love Hitler and Stalin too?

  • Source? This must be satire, I cannot find verifivation.

  • Sandra Chung

    It is satire, but she is that stupid. I could hear her saying this quite easily.

  • William

    …and they continue to claim they are not racist…even those who aren’t significantly racist are racist by their denial of our minority brothers and sisters plight in this country over the last 400 years. Their political policies are astringently racist by design and continue to keep the rich rich and the poor poor…

  • Pragmatic Penny

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler? Really?

  • lulunw

    Dirk Diggler gave you away guys 🙂 Leave poor Anne alone, she’s got demons but she’s not insane.

  • S-A-T-I-R-E !!! Step away from your monitor for a moment and run a Google news search to corroborate! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet as gospel folks – verify!

  • Ok, aside from Coulter’s believable shenanigans…what about the crazy defense of the pilot? “She has been flying for American Airlines for four years, and is one of that airlines most experienced 737 pilots.” I’m sorry, but she was a tanker pilot in the Air Force (so NOT flying 737’s) and has been with AA for only 4 years. If SHE is the most experienced 737 pilot that AA has, I now completely understand how AA ranked dead last in 2012 out of all of the major US carriers! Nothing against the pilot…just a ridiculous statement to make to defend against the ridiculous accusations of a crazy person.

  • gary

    I call B.S. on this ….

  • Clevelandchick

    Her demons make other demons wet their shorts, so yes, she is insane.

  • Clevelandchick

    It is but so is she.

  • its the only way to get her fucked self on tv fuck her what a pig

  • Can you say batshit crazy?

  • Clevelandchick

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  • dats it

  • all republicans are FUCKING STUPID as you seem to be asshole

  • Shut the fuck up

  • What a nut case. Isn’t there a small deserted island somewhere that we can stick her? She needs to be flicked away from humanity like the dried up booger that she is.

  • Ann Coulter drank the Kool-Aid and then this “racist,conservative home girl” fell all the way down into the rabbit hole. Oh well you play and then you mentally pay. And now she is truly crazy as a loon! Pity!

  • Facebook User

    Maybe she flew 737 transports for the military?

  • Clevelandchick

    Lord, people, the Onion doesn’t have a patent on satire. What’s hilarious is that so many people aren’t sure…that says a lot about her decidedly ugly reputation. It’s not like she hasn’t called for invading countries with a lot of darker skinned people, killing their leaders and converting their cowering populace to her ever-evolving totalitarian brand of Christianity. Because she has. And then, God love her she’s really very happy about telling black people they’re like Hitler for supporting Obama who is also just like Hitler.

    So, while I knew this was satire? If she really did it, I would not be surprised in the least based on her actual words on any subject remotely related.

    My vote for most realistic satirical piece this year.

  • Disgusted..

    Of course I dont agree with her, but its funny how when black people state racism we condone it no matter how ridiculous.. Like OJ was innocent..

  • FoxValleySpirit

    Maybe they should have just duct taped her to the seat and stuffed dirty diapers in her mouth. Whatever…she showed extremely poor judgement in acting up on a commercial jet liner. If I were that pilot I would be suing her for defamation of character and anything else I could think of! And this vile person should be banned from commercial air travel for at least five years.

  • This story CANNOT be real. I refuse to believe even this racist bitch can be that much of a racist bitch.

  • Marianne

    whoever she is, she is clearly not normal or otherwise looking for attention, any attention. Shocking behaviour. From someone who lives in South Africa, I am used to weird racist behaviour, but this one takes the cake.

  • This is from the Onion right?

  • ponticus

    hopefully she gets a Mexican shrink, lol

  • grevyturty

    Yeah this story isn’t completely fabricated.

  • Joseph

    and no sources were to be found…

  • Una_blogger

    Dirk Diggler…? Was this half an Onion piece? (A crazy, racist, ranting, elitist Coulter bitch is everyday news)

  • JAL

    Tell her to wait at the airport for the DRUNK-WHITE-MALE pulot, and then snuggle in her seat real good. Im glad she acts ignorant, it makes me feel good for her to open her mouth and spew stupidity and this intelligent BLACK-FEMALE-PILOT-that is well decorated intimidated her. You tried but you are the only one that looks bad. YOUR FACE IS CRACKED EVEN MORE, TIME FOR MORE BUTTOX. #INYOURCRACKEDFACE

  • bgoode

    Just like she’s not scared to speak, I’m not either. She’s one crazy bitch!

  • Now if only Harry Potter could vanquish this witch too, I’d die a happy happy boy!

  • Guest

    What a sick, twisted creature,

  • I got to admit, I thought this was true until I read that the TSA spokesman was Dirk Diggler. Seems exactly like something Ann Coulter would do and say.

  • pilot1958

    She need a good movie therapy: I recommend “Tuskegee Airman”

  • Bobbie LeVan

    although i cannot stand ann coulter, i always thought this was an act and that she really didn’t think the things she was saying were true. i just didn’t think that a well-educated woman could be that stupid. well, guess i was wrong. she is truly certifiable and i hope she gets that psychiatric evaluation. then, i hope they lock her up in a rubber room so we don’t ever have to hear from her again.

  • Frrr

    At least Swedish racists are put on a leech and are not given their own seware outlet on tv. What a white trash move.

  • Bobbie LeVan

    i am not familiar with this site. is it a satirical site? even if it is, i still let my former comment stand.

  • Tyroanee

    I thought this was a joke, but then soon realized I was reading about Coulter so it was to be expected.
    Would’ve clapped my heart out on her departure from the plane.

  • Ken Grace

    it isnt

  • motorfingaz

    Racist skank.

  • LOL

    It is.

  • That Ann Coulter guy is nuts. Someone needs to check his medication.

  • Serena

    SATIRE…TSA Spokesperson, “Dirk Diggler?” C’mon folks…

  • It may be a bullshit story, but I wouldn’t put it past her. Anything to get another 15 minutes of fame.

  • Mark

    You would think Coulter was too intelligent to believe the stuff she says.

  • Rollergirl

    Dirk Diggler?! Seriously?! Damned funny, though.

  • That’s an insult to all good witches out there. They don’t want her!

  • Aussie Kate

    You have to be kidding???

  • Uncle Rukus

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler”

    This isn’t real. First clue? TSA Spokesperson Dirk Diggler?

  • Tart


  • Is this real? I know she’s a racist homophobic idiot…but is she really this stupid?

  • Thank you! The Christians can keep her!

  • Why didn’t one person on this plane stand up to this bigoted piece of Sh** and say something? I would have taken her down. How dare her speak for everyone else believing her distorted views are those of everyone around her. She needs to go away…….Never liked her and her big mouth!

  • Sharon

    TSA spokesman Dirk Diggler then left for his scheduled photo shoot with Playgirl magazine.

  • John Smith

    Unfortunately, a vast number of ignorant leftists leaving comments here are unaware that The Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper and that its stories are fictional.

  • WadeCollins

    Whole story sounds like bs made up by some leftist. Not buying it.

  • When I first saw this on my Facebook page, I thought it was from The Onion. Then I realized it was Ann Coulter and it that it was all too real. She has become a caricature of herself.


    Let the bitch walk…..

  • Rp

    Am I the only one that caught the name of the TSA spokes person “Dirk Diggler”. Wasn’t that the name used by the Mark Wahlberg character in Boogie Nights? Besides that I hope she finally wigged out, I’m sick of her 15 minutes… longest 15 minutes of my life.

  • that guy

    so crazy it could be true

  • And the Right Wing Christian Coalition loves Ann, they put her on A pedestal and brag about her crazy beliefs. Ann is Racist evil and hate filled. When will the Repubs kick her out of the club, she is insane.

  • Lea

    Sounds like the way Nazis talked of Jews. She is despicable.

  • Tony Musto

    Didn’t Coulter realize everyone was ignoring her opinion b/c she is blonde?

  • You got your face on TV because of AFFIRMATIVE-FUCKTION.

  • ArgentDawn

    You had me until Dirk Diggler!

  • Paul

    Isn’t anyone else concerned that the TSA spokesman is named “Dirk Diggler”?

  • that guy

    This just in: Ann Coulter’s vagina is indistinguishable from Nosferatu’s mouth.

  • lmao

  • Aron

    people come on….. did you even read the article its BS. the TSA agents name was “Dirk Diggler” the pornstar out of the movie boogie nights

  • T Keern

    I can’t stand the bitch, but this is just satirical story, and a lot of you gullible idiots believe it.

  • Damico Hall

    Don’t give her to us! We Christian don’t want and didn’t ask for that 2 weekend vaginal blood fart!

  • Dave

    Well there goes the Hispanic vote for Republicans.

  • archangel1951

    Well maybe this signals an end to any degree of credibility by this extremist radical. May she n Sarah Palin go away now!

  • This is the same woman who committed voter fraud by registering to vote using her real estate agent’s office address so she could vote in that precinct.

  • Was the doctor who botched her gender-reassignment surgery “a Mexican”?

    — MrJM

  • ameriki

    Kept her name in the news and in front of her racist readers.



  • OK, this has got to be a joke right? Because, seriously…people have been arrested for causing less of a disturbance than this

  • Her book sales must be in the toilet and she needed a stunt to try and gain press for them. Instead, the only thing she accomplished is that the entire premise for her ideas in that stupid book are outdated and asinine.

  • Okay, just realized this is satire, but given this bitches postions, it is so totally believable.

  • No. Yes. No.

    — MrJM

  • Betty A

    This is satire. not true

  • nyc_nystate

    glad at least one other person got this

  • nyc_nystate

    glad at least one other person got this

  • nyc_nystate

    glad at least one other person got this

  • nyc_nystate

    glad at least one other person got this

  • nyc_nystate

    read the article, there are clues as to it’s validity. also read the other headlines. hilarious. “Iran Plans to Legalize Marijuana”

  • Jeane Wright

    This must not have been one of “their smarter” Blacks. My question is what Black man (or woman) left Ann so sprung, stupid and sorry that she just spews venom anytime she see a Black person whether it is in politics or not.?

  • Perhaps next time she would feel more comfortable in a carrier in the cargo hold of the plane? It would make the other passengers more comfortable.

  • milburn1.duverna

    so sad, we are Americans, and racism is still our problem, we will never grow as a country! She probably helped Romney write his Victory Speech, oh Wait, He didn’t win…smh

  • Morningstar

    No one had any water to throw on her so she could melt?lol

  • Omgawd, what a stupid bitch! All I can say is she done a real good job of making her self look like a idiot!

  • Don Cello

    This must be from the Onion… she couldn’t *really* be this racist or stupid (in public, anyway)…

  • bogey251

    I’m sure this story is liberal BS.

  • Pam_L

    This was obviously satirical because it simply didn’t have the ring of truth to it. Even the odious Ann Coulter seems incapable of making a fool of herself to this degree.

  • Well what do you expect from Ann Coulter? You all know she is a RACIST ASSHOLE”!!

  • I don’t think Obama wants her.

  • He can, since the story is make-believe. Anything can happen in the world of make-believe.

  • Chris

    The fact that the TSA guy’s name was Dirk Diggler just makes this funnier. Good ol’ satire!

  • Nancy McCarthy Baker

    No charges? She needs to be tried and charged as a terrorist!!

  • Had it been a liberal commentator, people on the other side would have been unsure. They would have been itching to be able to point and scream, “There, you see? Hypocrite!” I term it “biased hope.” It’s human nature, or more specifically sheep nature. People who are driven more on emotion (which is the great majority of humans) than objective thinking fall for it easily regardless of what their political bias is. They will be most of those who immediately “share” without verifying.


    The TSA spokesperson is named Dirk Diggler? Really?? Did anyone else pick up on that…the same name as Mark Wahlberg’s character in Boogie Nights. Is this all some kind of joke? Although I do agree with his comments, that Ms. Coulter suffers from some sort of mental illness. She is a total whackadoodle!!

  • jep07

    Hannity does…

  • jep07

    I honestly thought this was an Onion ruse… the only thing I could figure when I realized it was a real story was that she’s tweakin’…

  • I hate this BITCH…

  • John Smith

    Not sure why she would say that because she has been dating Jimmy walker (Black man) for a couple of years.

  • Seriouslytho

    TSA agent Dirk Diggler? Are you serious…this article is for controversy and isn’t even true. What a bunch of knuckleheads you people are! LOL…you’ve been had.

  • Matt Gerrans

    The difficulty is that Coulter is such a crackpot, she needs her own variation of Poe’s Law.

  • MJB

    Really …the TSA spokespersons name is Dirk Diggler?

  • Liam

    Every day she becomes more desperate to find ways to stay in the news. Maybe she and Plain can have a Lesbian relationship.

  • LJ Martin

    she is about a month of leap years away from qualfying for sub-human status…but the media loves her (it)

  • Madness.

  • Pietro

    Please let this be a misplaced “The Onion” article.

  • they should’ve left her azz…right where she was…nobody wants to fly with her cause shes STUPID!!!

  • “Law enforcement officials, however, say no charges will be filed.”

    Once again, a rich white woman avoids being held accountable for her illegal actions.

  • Yep…..us witches sure dont represent hate!!!! Thats a racistist, slime of a human being

  • A R C

    I watched Anne of Green Gables. Don’t sully its name! 😛

  • People, it’s satire. Have we learned nothing from The Onion?

  • RobinMcM

    What concerns me more than that woman’s raving lunacy is the fact that she has a public forum in which to spew her vitriol.

  • Lisa Bear

    Homeland Security should put her on the No Fly List! Let’s play! =>

  • If this is found to be true black women should protest anything she’s involved in!!!

  • I’m surprised she didn’t just fly off on her broom, witch that she is.

  • Ellen Anderson

    Sometimes, the comments of those who don’t realize that The Daily Currant is strictly satire are funnier than the articles themselves!

  • It’s called racial envy, for her to see a woman of African descent, flying a plane, causes her to feel what her male counterparts feel, with Obama being President.

  • Ellen Anderson

    And also some right wingers are making the same mistake. All their collective unaware comments are pretty funny actually! LOL

  • No kidding….the sad thing about this type of satire though is that people actually believe it’s true….revealing their own prejudices and bias. If this story were about someone they liked…..fact checking would be the first thing they did. Against someone they don’t like….post it up everywhere and claim its true. Dumnb

  • Joe Offer

    I take it this is an attempt at satire. Even Ann Coulter wouldn’t do this. It’s likely to fan the flames of hatred on both sides, and I think that’s a bad idea.

  • LMOA! you coolaid drinking obamalickers think this actually happened. ROFLMAO! SUCKA’d again! morons!! LMAO!!

  • You are amazing!

  • Coulter gets the prize — “Worst Human Being in the World”. Oh wait, I’m being told that there is no evidence that Coulter is actually a member of the human race. Never Mind..

  • Dirk Diggler is the name of the TSA spokesperson. Is this a joke?

  • John Taylor

    TSA guy Dirk Diggler!?!?! Somebody Anybody? Buhler!

  • This has to be bullshit. TSA spokes person dirk diggler. Really? This is a fake story.

  • Mica

    Good lord that is crazy. And don’t blame the Christians, because I’m quite certain that is NOT what Jesus would do.

  • Literally unbelievable. 🙂

  • Poe’s law in action.

  • Chuck

    She might as well take a trip to the moon because minorities are involved in making her clothes, making her cars, constructing practically any building she enters, etc. We are everyhere!!!! LOL

  • Guest

    She’s not being “crazy.” She’s a worthless racist, and this incident proves it in no uncertain terms.

  • danthony930

    Then she would have to travel by greyhound. Now, that would be I show I would pay to see. We just have to make sure that she leaves the special effects in the witches den.

  • Chris

    Of course she should get off. Here is a black woman who has more skills than her and also make more money than her… She is not her equal!! There was no place on the flight for someone like her she should only travel by train from now on in the cargo section

  • Dang….why wasn’t I on that plane……!!!!!!!! Ann Crazy meet me at the psych hospital 9north I got a straight jacket and some serious medicine waiting…..

  • 02Dave12345

    I haven’t heard Coulter’s name mentioned in months, perhaps her little fit has as much to do with getting a headline for herself as it has to do with her stupidity.

  • GovernmentObserver

    “Dirk Diggler”……I’m not familiar with this site and I was just a bit worried until I read the TSA “spokesperson’s” name.

  • No matter what color, age, hieght, wieght, or class. I know ignorance when I see ignorance. And thats ignorant a old witch.

  • SHON

    wait tsa spokesperson” dirk diggler”

  • RobbieSmiles

    Apparently this is satire. Simply adding the name Ann Coulter made it seem real. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  • Orujam

    Did a double-take, and yeah……, long neck, deep throat, but watch out for the Adam’s-apple.

  • she can’t ride her broom, its shoved some place unmentionable…..

  • n_orville

    The jokes is on you all….this is satire…

  • I agree, but since the story is fake, it means nothing regardless of who it is about.

  • grevyturty

    …because blacks DON’T benefit from affirmative action?? You people are delusional. Plus, most plane crashes HAVE been at the hands of negro pilots. Not racist, just facts.

  • One of the passengers should really have shouted back her telling her to “Shut the f… up and get off the damned plane if you are offended.” I hope the mandate to have her examined for insanity by a psychiatrist will come to be….and the doctor has her committed to a public assylum – one with lots of black people and Mexicans.

  • Where is Dorothy and Toto when we really need them?

  • lme


  • Teigan

    I hope you know that we have a great deal of simple minded people that actually believe this is real. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe but you only have to look at the outcome of our last election to see what the simple minded is capable of.


  • kalvin

    …this story is fake, people. the 25+ crowd fails so heavily with the internet sometimes. You guys should tune into the onion, as well.

  • Lylynewms

    Dirk digger was the spokesperson for TSA???

  • It is satire.

  • Carol a WASP too

    Amen to Dirk Diggler’s statement. Crazy all the way to the bank with spewed hate. Is she a direct descendent of Hitler or just a student of?

  • Wedge1

    No sh%t, Sherlock.

  • Dave

    Quit calling her “Christian” bigoted racial ideology is not Christian. More fits with someone who needs psychiatric help!!

  • Wedge1

    Way to bring the stoopid.

  • Chris

    How do you delete er. She s just using you to advertise

  • ms.blu73

    Wow such.a racist i.hope.this.makes.the.news.for a good week wow pray.for.this loser

  • Broughton

    I just want to know why she wasn’t charge. Anybody else would have been charge and after she tried to start something that could have been very dangerous. I say Charge her for disobeying a flight attendants. If they try to stop her and something happen to her than what would have happen – I pretty sure the flight attendants could have lost their jobs and the airline sue.

  • Bill

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler=Porn star portrayed by Mark Wahlberg

  • Jim T

    She should be fired from her position . Suied for slander by the airlines against one of thier well trained and properly placed pilots. Then never allowed again to ever fly with that airlines anywhere in the world. We all know what she is , I dont need to go name calling here, I will leave that up to some others and thats just fine by me. And yes give her to the Christians for a few lessons on Jesus teachings on how to treat other people. And possibly in the end she may even ask that pilot for forgiveness. Do I get an Amen out there?

  • Norbop

    What a mess !!! If it came to a choice on whether to live or die on an airplane with no one in control would she have a different opinion!!!! Go female pilots no matter what color

  • So if the story was fake, would it make a difference? If it doesn’t doesn’t that say something about you? I’m totally anti-Coulter, but honestly, credibility is worth something.

  • You must have missed the critical thinking flight. It’s fake.

  • Just like she never said that and the story if fake, does that make a difference to you?

  • Since this story is fake, how much of your cake did it take?

  • Anyone who fell for this fake story without questioning it should be duct taped and stuffed with dirty diapers. I’m totally anti-Coulter, but honestly, please think before you fall for “biased hope” for fake stories. It makes us anti-Coulter who actually think look bad.

  • She didn’t get on TV for that, so what’s your point? It’s a fake story.

  • Finally, someone who thinks. Even if you’re anti-Coulter, think! This story never made it to any mainstream news attention, that should have been a simple indication. Get a clue those of you who fell for biased hope that his was true.

  • Perfectly fake. Fake is considered perfect in your book, not a good thing.

  • Even a simple mind could look for evidence that this story is actually true.

  • So your bias led you to conclude it was true. Very telling.

  • Please provide evidence that it was partially true. I’m anti-Coulter so I would love to see it. Otherwise, your post is a lie.

  • Coletha Albert

    Very poignant!!!

  • I’m anti-Coulter and anti-Bush, but I have to say, I have less respect for many Obama supporters. At least those pro-Bush pro-war loonies stick to their principles. I’ve actually heard liberals now defend war now that warmonger Obama is in office. They actually defend the continued wars, continued Gitmo. I had one even defend warrentless wiretapping. Obama, during an election day speech in 2008, “If I am your president, there will be no warrantless wiretapping.” Within months, he not only defended it, he used the identical justifications as Bush used. How do you get a bunch of liberals to shut up about continued wars? Get a democrat in office. Even better, get a black president and then accuse anyone who opposes of being racist. Now we have two parties who are pro-war. Sad.

  • Just proves there are dumbasses on both sides.

  • Go people who think, who can question media BS.

  • You get no amen since you support a lie. Sounds to me like you just contributed to slander against her, since it never happened and the story was fake (wouldn’t you agree?). How to treat people? Maybe you need to learn a lesson or two.

  • Maybe because it never happened.

  • Your prayer has been answered – it never happened.

  • Since the Bible says that gays are abominations (even punishable by death), and the New Testament never retracted it, I would say bigot is accurate.

  • Are you a direct descendent of Peewee Herman? It never happened.

  • Ah, for something she never did? Glad you’re not in charge of the no-fly list.

  • bgoode

    No, it doesn’t. She still a crazy, racist bitch!

    Thank you,


  • For something she never did? That’s sad.

  • Maybe it’s a fake story and a bunch of knee-jerk idiots fall for it.

  • Maybe you need to put on the jacket for not questioning the story.

  • No place on the flight for an idiot who would have fell for this story either. So the person who makes more money has more credibility? Hmm, very telling about you.

  • So what does a fake story prove? Please tell.

  • Obama is a Christian, so I doubt that is a good blame.

  • Nope, it’s actually called idiots who fall for such a story without a slight bit of critical thinking. It’s called “biased hope,” not questioning due to a strong hope that it happened.

  • Yeah, screw those Wiccans. There ought to be a law.

  • Since it’s not true, people ought to protest all those knee-jerk idiots who criticized her.

  • What concerns me even more is all the idiots who fell for this.

  • Nope, she avoids being held accountable because she never did that (much to your disappointment I’m sure).

  • Even more stupid, accusing her of something she didn’t do.

  • How sub-human would the person be who accuses her of something she didn’t do? Please tell.

  • Just_J

    Don’t do that. I’m Christian. Guess what else…I’m BLACK too (gasp). The real one’s don’t want her. The White people can keep her…lol. Sorry.

  • RobinMcM

    Classy response, Syn. Ann must be a friend of yours?

  • Paulus W

    Commentators are all over VW for a “racist” ad, dumbasses and this crazy racist hag does this nonsense? Hope she gets the backlash she deserves, silly cow.

  • FoxValleySpirit

    I still think they should duct tape her to the seat and stuff dirty diapers in her mouth. Just on principle. 😉

  • Damm Ann and we know how to write because of affirmative action. Girl run for your life!! Obama done toke over LOL. Ann’s a fuckin dummy!!!

  • SnowboardPete

    False, this is false. Of course most of you people will choose to believe it!

  • is the tsa spokes-person’s name really “Dirk Diggler”?

  • So disgusting that the main stream media tries to discredit Conservatives and stupid people believe everything they say, unbelievable that people are so brain washed as to go along with it.

  • nononame

    who wrote the article..no way to check that it seems … If you can not put your name to the story… It’s most likely BS


  • Robert Altman

    did this REALLY happen

  • I agree, but since the story is fake, it’s not “just like.”

  • Lamont Jacobs

    Guys, this is The Daily Current. Lol. These stories are not real. They are posted as satire to make fun of serious current event or situations. Mind you this does seem plausible. Lol.

  • Al

    your website should be shut down for promoting racism…you know the story isn’t true..stop the madness, and keep your ignorant opinions to yourself!!

  • jmack

    Racist bitch….I bet your race is embarrassed to claim you.

  • Tim

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler, nice touch

  • Manny

    Conservative!?!?.. WT F?.. hahahaha.. That’s code for KKK Fanatic!!!

  • stpn2me

    This is fake guys. Calm down. Not all conservatives are racists, no matter what the democrat party tells you.

  • put that bitch on the no fly list !

  • stpn2me

    Did any of you brain dead liberals notice the TSA “Spokesman” was Dirk Diggler? Are you that much willing to believe evil in someone you dont agree with? Did any of you idiots know that Ann has dated black men?Are you really that stupid?

  • jazman49

    She is absolutely an idiot. If she knew that the automatic transmission was invented by a black man, that the heating system was invented by a black man, sprinkling system, the mop, the elevator and a host of other things that she obviously has used and needs to get through her day, that would all come to crashing end. Again she is a huge idiot!!!! Always has been, always will be.She is a menace to society. Her mouth needs to be neutered.

  • jazman49

    If the story is a hoax, I still stand by my comment below. ANN COULTER IS AN IDIOT, A MENACE TO SOCIETY AND SHOULD HAVE HER MOUTH NEUTERED!!!

  • The_Motley_Sage

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler, “We recommended against pressing charges, and mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.”

    She’s not mentally ill….it’s called RACISM!!! “Hello???”

    …and she should have been charged with the Federal CRIME she committed.

  • The_Motley_Sage

    No thanks… we have enough racists.

  • The_Motley_Sage

    whups…just found out this story is FALSE. …but sadly, it’s still not far fetched.

  • Jaybles

    The people who are commenting on this as if it’s real are just absolutely out of their minds. That is all.

  • Cerise isaacs

    Networks should clearly stop having her on their programs as she is definitely mental. Really sad, a perspective of this nature in a modern world.

  • Guest

    It’s satire, just like what’s published in the Onion. But that doesn’t change the shame in the fact that this is soooo Ann Coulterish- it’s ENTIRELY believable And in fact? Based on the harm she does to minorities in this country- she deserves this satire. If she didn’t make her money off of saying so many truly…outrageously…hateful…things, people would never believe she said this in the first place! I mean, it’s not like you could write this about Mother Theresa, and have everyone believe it, iykwim. In fact, you couldn’t even write this about Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan, and get everyone to swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Ann Coulter is reaping what she sowed. She makes fun of others? Well, now the shoes on the other foot. Hope she can handle the heat. She’s so very good at dishing it out.

  • TRD

    LOL! That’s bad when the racists quota is so full, there’s no room for Ann. 😉

  • TSA spokesman Dirk Diggler? Are you sure you didn’t pick this story up from The Onion? I mean really. Sure Ann Coulter is an idiot conservative but still.

  • Rummy389


  • No…I think it means a lot. I think this is going to stick to Coulter like “white on rice.” I hope she never lives down the humiliation. I hope that every time her name is googled, this funny bit turns up first.

  • Serendipita

    And you missed the critical thinking of my post. Of course it’s fake and so is this site! I thought I used some pretty nifty sarcasm. It’s called “playing along.” Too bad it was over your head. 😉

  • How disgusting! She is a rediculous person.They had it right, she is mentally instable.She is the racist,some of you saying give her to whites…I don’t want her dumazz! Just cause she is white doesn’t make her anything like me,TYVM!

  • jack

    Her choice! It’s a free country. Her life.

  • jack

    King Obama rules!!!

  • Steve Rhodes

    If you think this is real, please hover your mouse above “The Daily Currant” at the top of the page.

  • Good. Glad she missed her flight.

  • White people don’t want her either. She is a disgrace to the human race.

  • She apparently doesn’t know that God is a black woman.

  • B

    This was a satire–it’s not true. See http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp

  • jack

    This article is bs according to snopes.

  • D. Bautista

    Ann Coulter needs to be locked away in a mental instituiton. On another related note – am I the only one that noticed the TSA spokesperson’s name is Dirk Diggler?

  • jack

    Oh u no Ann?

  • jack

    Bunch of fools on this site getting duped…. lol lol

  • best comment ever

  • alan

    I am disappointed, I would have loved to seen the smear against Ms Coulter. However, it is unAmerican to let a false accusation stand unchallenged.

  • Oh the comments ……I’m in tears laughing!

  • Jazz

    Racism is like a mental illness… but clearly this woman knew what she was doing …

  • RobinMcM

    Classy response, Syn. I take it Ms. Coulter is a friend of yours?

  • False per SNOPES (uually they lean left). http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp
    Anything to smear the right!

  • I think Ann/Andy wants to come out of the closet and don’t know how. Ann/Andy probably thinks that the more controversial she/he is, will diminish the “out of the closet” role for her/him when whichever one it is, comes out. I hope she/he is never in need of medical attention and is unconscious. You never know who’s working on you to save your life. I am black and would try to save him/her life because I serve a true and living God. We have to love the stupid as well.

  • Witches already have enough problems. Don’t add “dat thang” to it…………

  • Mark

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler!!!

  • Paul

    Ann Coulter needs to be finished in the public sector, blatant prejudiced and racism should NOT be tolerated by The American Public. We need to be more vigilant like the Jews. They do not tolerate racism at any level from anyone, very admirable! Ann Coulter should lose her job, power and prestige because of this!. Any network or business supporting her is ALSO supporting racism against ALL Black women! Renounce and repudiate this sorry excuse for a woman or the American people will revolt against the support that you provide for this racist!

  • Greg Grinnell

    Um, you guys know Daily Current is a comedy site, right?

  • i know thats right, ride her broom in to the sunset with the rest of the obama haters, and racist people in this world. Her actions are straight out of a comic book, only thing she is not funny and the jokes on her dumb a$$.

  • J Brown

    A 6-foot tall 50-year-old woman with an Adam’s apple: how revolting.

  • rickybobby

    Dirk Diggler said that?

  • LoveGod

    It’s a good thing that Yahweh does not slumber nor sleep…here begins the fall off her mighty horse…she shall be humbled…

  • dj


  • Beverly

    I think she just burned her stick…. OR maybe this was her way to get herself in the press again as it has been quiet lately…..

  • Ray Frisbey

    My mom was a better pilot then I can ever hope to be. That said a 4 year pilot at American Airlines is most likely still on reserve and can’t even hold a line. “One of Americans most experienced 737 pilots” my but. While I’m sure she is fully qualified for her position I really wish you bag of crap reporters would stop sensationalizing everything.

  • disqus_RagBgkskEo

    dirk diggler ? really I don’t think so “boogie nights” was soo 90’s

  • Aaron Davis

    As a black man who isnt a dem or repub but more of a truther, I hope this isnt true. I mean wat times are we leaving in? Hopefully she explains this was misunderstaning or something becuz I’ve lost a tremendous amount of respect for her if this is her real feelings.

  • Mya-ann

    I’m black and I really love the comments from all the white people.usually some people would have defended this idiot woman’s actions and the people on this page didn’t and for this I salute you all. I still can’t believe in this day and age people are still this arrogant.

  • Mya-ann

    ignorant as well..

  • She’s a racist asshole and a disgrace to women all across the country. Stupid bitch..

  • This is sad!!

  • since no charges are going to be pressed, how about a life time ban for her on that airline? If what she’s quoted as saying is all true, the airline owes that to their staff and valued passengers. Guaranteed she offended the pilot and a good portion of the passengers/crew

  • Lethe

    Seriously, if it hadn’t been for the gratuitous Dirk Diggler reference, this one would have easily got by the radar. Just too believable…

  • This woman should join Rush and the rest of the “old and in the way” crowd

  • Pauly83

    I am certainly not a fan of Ann Coulter, but really this seems too outrageous…especially when the only sourced comment on the situation is from “Dirk Diggler” ?!?!?

  • CW

    Show some courage airlines and Ban this bigot from flying period………her rhetorical, opinionated BS shouldn’t be tolerated by any person with common sense

  • Jeff Hall

    You morons DO realize this is a satire site right? Damn you people are stupid…

  • Hellpig

    LMAO@ the Low-Information Obama Voters who think this actually happened

  • Hellpig

    LMAO and I suppose you have common sense? responding as if this story is real…..useful idiot

  • Hellpig

    enjoy your bankrupt country’s senior years …LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL good luck with your SS

  • Hellpig

    you need to be banned from voting if you think this story is real….

  • Hellpig

    this from a Slavery Party voter…get back on the plantation SLAVE!

  • Leftologist

    LOL!! Idiots. The whole story is a parody by “Onion”. That’s what Onion does. It’s not intended to be taken seriously.

    I guess Onion underestimated the stupidity of leftists.

  • Hellpig

    why would someone defend a fake story?….and Obama is more racist then Coulter will ever be

  • Hellpig

    TROOFER ALERT!!!!!! lmao nuff said ..you’ll believe anything ehh…

  • Hellpig

    LMAO she is stronger then ever thanks to you Low-Information Obama Voters

  • Hellpig

    no they do not …..

  • Hellpig

    LMAO wow you should never be allowed to vote

  • Hellpig

    Racism is alive and well in the Dem Slavery Party….

  • Hellpig

    me too …gotta love these Low-information Obama Voters…..now I understand how Hitler was elected

  • Hellpig

    LMAO please dont breed

  • Jon

    You do know this story is a parody. Its a fake. The site makes satire stories like The Onion. Are you honestly that stupid?

  • Hellpig


  • Leftologist

    Hey, you want another story from the Onion?


  • Hellpig

    speaking of idiots you seem to be a useful one

  • Hellpig

    yes they are

  • Hellpig

    KKK was founded on Dec 19th 1866 by 6 Dems ..embrace your parties racist roots it is who you are and always will be the Slavery Party

  • Jon

    You people do know this story is a fake right? Its a satire piece just like the Onion writes. The liberal morons on here tell me all I need to know about Obama. Proud to be on the other side.

  • Hellpig

    I bet your race embraces you whole heartedly….

  • Hellpig

    commie F uck dont like free speech GTFO of my Republic

  • barrington moore

    How can we ever. Move. Foreward. If. We are. Always thinking backwards

  • JannyMae

    No, sorry, it’s not Ann Coulterish or believable. Ann Coulter isn’t a racist, and she would never behave like this. That’s your preconceived BIAS toward her, and you are the one who is HATEFUL here, and what’s pathetic is that you don’t see your own hate.

  • nbowyer

    What a narrow-minded bitch. Perhaps we should be just as shallow and assume she whored her way to first class. She is the one who needs more education. I hope the ignorant gene stopped with her.

  • superarona

    I unfortunately cannot believe in world peace with this creature and her kind roaming on our land.

  • Kelly

    She is such a great role model for the Republican Party. Just sit back and enjoy.

  • LIXO

    So many nitwits on here who just fell for a parodic news account. Nice.

  • Dirk Diggler?!?! LMAO!! Fake, fake, fake, people. C’mon, don’t fall for the b.s.

  • Amen to that! Feel the heat, sister! 🙂

  • All you commentators here, You do KNOW this is a parody, right?! Parody, meaning didn’t really happen?

  • Guest

    What a total idiot. Somebody should put her out of her misery.

  • The truly sad thing here is a lot of lefty dumb butts will believe this is a real story. And they will spread this garbage without checking the for the truth.

  • Did you do this story to prove how truly ignorant liberals are? The people who believe this story are the same people who vote for 0bama and think “hope” and “change” are valid policy positions.

  • Does anyone find it weird that the TSA spokesman is named Dirk Diggler? And, hopefully, this is the nail in the coffin. Hopefully she is as good as done.

  • JJJ

    The Btcih is crazy and embodies what’s defective in some lower humans that are distant from their creator. Doesn’t she realize that the human race came from 2 people of color in Africa. We are all descendants of our ancestors, namely the two progenitors of the human race who lived in Africa.

  • Aaron Davis

    I probably know way more about history than u do especially if u believe the false Dem/Rep parties. If u believe in that, than u sir or ma’am will believe anything.

  • You people are morons. IT’S FAKE NEWS. LOOK AT THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE! Daily CURRANT? Do you know what CURRANT IS? You know conservatives are touchy but nothing compares to a holier than thou liberal who has found some outrageous outrage to be outraged about. Watch when they realize this is a fake news story they are going to justify their idiocy by saying,”WE’LL IT COULD BE TRUE!” You idiots are so amusing!

  • JerryNRg

    if it were true, people will still watch her TRASHshow…I personally think it’s a fake story, because I noticed the name of the TSA spokesman…”Dirk Diggler”? The porn-star played by Marc Wahlberg in “Boogie Nights”? REEEEALLY. LOL

  • dirk diggler lol

  • Read this before you come to any conclusions: http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp

  • Jon

    Don’t you realize its a fake story? What a dumbass! HAHAHAHA!!

  • Jon

    Really? After seeing that name you didn’t come to the conclusion that it was possibly a fake story? Liberals are too stupid to insult.

  • Jon

    We should put people out of their misery who don’t understand that this is satire. Its a fake story idiot! What is sad is that you probably voted in the last election.

  • BlackDaddy66


  • BlackDaddy66


  • bostongirl

    Hey Morons, the story is fake. But you idiots will still twist it into something because you are so angry you didn’t get all your rainbows, unicorns, peace & love from President Obama….just higher taxes.

  • bostongirl

    it is satire…look it up in the dictionary & stop voting please

  • bostongirl

    it is satire, FAKE story

  • bostongirl

    yes, they are all so dumb they don’t get it, & these morons vote

  • bostongirl

    not real, dumbass, made up story

  • bostongirl

    Dumb argument. The story is fake, case closed. Stop making excuses because you don’t like her. Next time you need surgery I hope the minority that got the job, & isn’t as qualified as the non-minority surgeon, gets to open you up. think about it, stupid.

  • bostongirl

    Hey stupid, it is fake, and most people don’t like Obama because of his policies, not the color of his skin. He is doing a crap job, same as Bush, only Obama has spent 25% more money in office that Bush ever did. and that is a true story, not satire.

  • bostongirl

    it is a fake story. my God are you that stupid.

  • bostongirl


  • P funk

    she is still living with the mentality of a slave master, in the yr 2013… she has to be mentally challenged. The mindset of the people in this world has come too far for this to still take place in her mind. Where has she been…I mean really!

  • Coo-Coo for Co-Co Puffs?!

  • ddPhone75

    That’s nothing. I don’t fly if there a Native American woman anywhere near the plane.

  • Tee

    She is s lunatic charges should have been filed against her. She should have to apologize publicly to the pilot and the crew for being ignorant and disrespectful. Lord knows I can’t stand people like this and to think she is someone that some people look up too. People like her should be put on an island by themselves with no way off.

  • If it had any one else, they would be sitting in jail. Her celebrity doesn’t excuse felonious behavior, She needs to be placed on the No-Fly list, grabbed by the feds, and taken for a long vacation at a local mental health facility. Stupid fucking Republicans.

  • Nancy

    Ann Coulter “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” nope nothing racist about her at all

  • I call BULL S***

  • L.A Guy

    Dirk Diggler as the TSA agent

  • MadMako

    Even more humorous than the article are the number of foaming at the mouth morons who believe the story.

  • sfbuddy

    Oh yeah, a crap job … that’s why he received the majority of America’s vote, TWICE.


    They are, the real joke is that the libs can’t tell the difference between their real news and their mediocre parodies, this isn’t really very funny.


    Nah, nothing makes a difference to ideologues.All you have to remember is “Conservative bad, Liberal good” .


    Believable to who?

  • dagobarbz

    Bananas are also bad luck.And women.

  • knuckledragginrightwingnutjob

    LOL at all the “I gotta get offended about something…ANYTHING!” crowd without the brainpower to know that the Currant is a satire site. They probably post articles from the Onion as proof that J.K. Rowling is a Satanist too…

    Effin’ losers.

  • Hellpig

    TROOFER!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Hellpig

    LMAO….speaking of stupid and mental health….you should commit yourself…….Low-Information Obama Voter

  • Hellpig

    Typical leftwing hater….HATE HATE HATE LMAO

  • Hellpig

    WOW! you are a member of the Slavery Party…and just that you believe this article is a sign you are mentally retarded and should be comitted

  • Hellpig

    Low-Information Obama Voters,Now I understand how Hitler was elected.

  • drnkslinger003

    And this folks is part of what wrong in America. Even when a dirt-bag is so wrong she still get press for it.

  • Hellpig

    you are what is wrong with America ….don’t breed

  • bostongirl

    uh, ya, a crap job, read the facts, the unemployment rate went up, the economy isn’t growing, more people are on welfare than ever in history, the country is going to have 20 trillion in debt in less than 2 years. what more do you need to understand. He sucks, sorry the truth hurts. IDIOTS voted him in, people that call the fiscal Cliff, the Physical Cliff!!!!!!! stop making excuses for him because he is black that is reverse racism.

  • bostongirl

    IT ISN’T TRUE!!!! I hope someone makes up a story about you & it sticks with you, douche bag

  • bostongirl

    no, they are too f’n stupid

  • bostongirl

    easy now crazy liberal

  • bostongirl

    It is fake are you serious?

  • FLUCK ANN COULTER, who is she anyway *L* NOBODY…..

  • John McElhaney

    She needs to be locked up to protect the puplic from a nut.

  • Paula J Brown

    If this story is true, Ann Coulter should be denied airline service on all commercial carriers.

  • its fake

    You people are really, really stupid.

  • TashaTchin

    Oh, you can’t blame the Libs too much. Most of the “real” news they consume isn’t really “real” to begin with. They think Jon Stewart is a real reporter reporting “real” news. Plus, they also get their “real” news from outlets like MSNBC and the Huffington Post. Libs wouldn’t know real news if it bit them on their hairy backsides.

  • TashaTchin

    The only “harm” being done to “minorities” is being done by progressives and Democrats — the biggest bigots the world has ever seen! Affirmative Action set-asides are the biggest form of bigotry created by Democrats in government. Progressives and Democrats think “minorities” are too stupid to compete on their own merit, so they need Affirmative Action policies to even get a job or advance in society. That is what the progressives and Democrats think about “minorities” — that you all are too stupid to survive without progressives and Democrats taking control of your lives. This is sadism — psychotic altruism — in action. And, you morons blame conservatives for being mean towards “minorities”? Maybe the Democrats are right, now. after years of coddling you like so many toddlers, you have become too stupid to make it on your own!

  • TashaTchin

    Up Barry’s bony behind?

  • TashaTchin

    If we have to prove that we are mentally competent to buy a gun, perhaps it is time to do the same with voting? After all, morons can do more damage at the ballot box than they can with the ammo box. Just saying…

  • TashaTchin

    The majority of Americans did not vote for Barry, in fact, the majority of those eligible to vote did not vote, period! Barry got around 50% of the vote from about 50% of those eligible to vote, making his total around 25%. 25% is not a majority.

  • TashaTchin

    You mean to tell me that Democrats have stopped adding new members? What news outlet is reporting that bit of news?

  • tmmom2

    The TSA spokespersons name was Dirk Diggler….LOL Boogie Nights

  • By that logic, no president ever gets a majority because 100% of those eligible don’t vote and in our two party system those that do split it. Point being, he won a majority of those that voted. If you can’t be bothered to vote, screw what you think.

  • TashaTchin

    No one can receive the majority of the vote, when the majority does not vote. sfbuddy thinks that because 25% of eligible voters voted for Barry that he has a mandate. Anyone thinking this is plainly stupid, or, very bad at math. It has been a very long time since anyone has gotten “the majority of America’s vote” in presidential elections.

  • Mike

    How obtuse do you have to be??? The story is a joke… The Daily Currant is a self proclaimed satirical newspaper. For those of you who can’t figure out the big words it means that the stories are not true…

    Wow… Get a clue. Read a book. Maybe even loosen up a bit…

  • CloneSix

    Vaginal blood fart? How Christian of you. You know this is a satire site, right?

  • Lauren

    This woman truly needs to be commited somewhere. I knew she was a crazy racist, but it’s confirmed now.

  • CloneSix

    Really? What I think means a lot is that you hope a piece of satire (a.k.a. admitted lie for the sake of humor) ruins a person’s life. It certainly says a lot about you and your morals. I’m no Coulter fan, but I see no reason to hope that this vitriol over an incident that never happened follow her throughout her professional life. You’re either depraved or vapid. Either way you have some personal deficit.

  • CloneSix

    Satire, sweetie.

  • Curtis

    I know real news isn’t Fox News. I DO know that. There is no such thing as what you call “real news” anymore. But I’m so grateful for intelligent, forward thinking conservative douchenozzles like you to help my feeble mind figure it all out. (That’s sarcasm.)

  • Curtis

    I fully admit that I hate that vile woman. I DO see my own hatred. And if you think she’s some kind of hero? I simply laugh at your stupidity.

  • Curtis

    Why are there so many self-righteous right-wing idiots commenting here? They get butthurt so easily, and to sit and defend someone as wretched as Mr. Coulter—that’s just about as sad as it gets. It’s almost as bad as defending Limbaugh.

  • Curtis

    The deeper I go into these comments, the more hysterical I find it that people are getting into real political arguments over a story that isn’t even true. Amur’ca has lost its sense of humor (and its mind.)

  • I respect her honesty.

  • LulusMom

    Ann Coulter has a book she’s selling, folks. Similarly inclined nutjobs feast on books like hers. Jeeeez! Wouldn’t you have hated to be seated next to her in 1st class on that plane if she hadn’t wigged out and been escorted off?

  • Angry Birdz

    Finally, Coulter’s DEMENTIA is rearing its UGLY HEAD!!

  • Total nut. The only black female combat pilot is on active duty, you numb skull.

  • More somebody than you will ever be.

  • Ron there be two classes of idiots, you fall into the total idiot class.

  • Jim Gribbin

    What’s funny about it is these clowns falling for it.

  • Are We Still Acknowledging This Character…Ignore Ignorance…Please Stop Making Her Believe she Matters!!

  • Lurenzio

    She needz her azz kicked

  • Hotep

    Yeah great statement Melanie; yes she is indeed!!

  • Cranky_Yankee

    Well, never mind that Coulter gained her position from affirmative action initiatives requiring more women in the workplace. Typical CONservative-I got mine, nobody else gets any!

  • LiberalsRCrazy

    You idiots do realize this is a fake news site right?

  • Sam

    She should just lay down and die. Stop breathing up all of my good air. F-ing idiot!!

  • Put her on the no fly list. She’s a hazard to the safety of the other passengers by causing a disturbance on the plane.

  • Promontorium

    Then name a single act in her entire life that even remotely resembles this.

  • rg

    I call “Bullshit” on this article..

  • rg

    Oh, Duuuuh! I did NOT know this was a parody… “Nevermind” in my Rosanna Roseanna Danna,voice!!!!!

  • ihatehumanity

    because med school isn’t rigorous enough to weed out the so unqualified minorities that they’d make it through… gotcha… Tool

  • Frank Manheim

    TSA spokesperson “Dirk Diggler”? Is this for real?

  • So, in REALITY — What happened? Was the pilot competent and flew an uneventful route? Or did the plane crash and burn, as Ann Coulter suggested that it would? As it turns out, the one who is unworthy is Ann Coulter. It’s fear-mongering, which I’ve said for a long time is the reactionary-right’s only tool in their toolbox.

  • bostongirl

    Wrong, the standards are lower for minorities that is what affirmative action is you tool

  • ihatehumanity

    no affirmative action says that if a minority student and a non-minority student are equally qualified, then preference will be shown to the minority student. Are your reactions so strong because along the way a minority student was giving preference when u thought u deserved it 🙁 ? I hope one day that u get the same treatment that u have wished on others here and that it is from someone who is non-minority.

  • I think we all know now what format the Libs are most at home with, a steady of diet of ridicule from the peace lovers. The same behavior that we discourage in our children while the Libs have become a community of hyenas.

  • Hillary definitely showed that she understood her audience when she came out with “what difference does it make?” thereby confirming what we all knew about the Liberal voting block.

  • bostongirl

    Blah blah blah affirmative action is insulting to everyone

  • This is another sign that the devil is working. Wow she really believe a company would risk their business because she is black. She is a Fool

  • ihatehumanity

    “Blah blah blah”… ooo in your case I don’t think it was affirmative action.

  • Nonplussed

    This satire is terrible. Not funny. Not clearly satirical. What’s the point?

  • mejah 200

    fack this white bitch faking rasitist ,,,,

  • afenders

    Ann’s a professional asshole and this crazy “b” probably owns two doz. guns and 100,000 rounnd of ammo.

  • I almost believed this until they said the TSA
    spokesperson’s name was Dirk Diggler.

  • Melissa

    Dirk Diggler shout out!

  • #antiRacist is a code word for #antiWhite

  • Does anyone remember the evening when Ann C was in the restaurant with Senator Lindsay Graham, both were drunk and he had his hand up her dress. Hello. He was looking for some “Hair Pie” I guess. A distinguished couple. YUCK

  • Jessica Worley

    Just your typical everyday Faux Fox Fringe News, Racist, Inbred, Fearmongering, Republitard!

  • Sick in the head, indeed!

  • lobojoe

    She was probably flying to a crone convention

  • On the upside of her anger, she is ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation which, for the record, is woefully overdue. Wonder what Faux Noise will do about this unseemly behavior of their favorite stick person/pundit? They’d better do something to save viewership amongst minorities, or they’ll be known by their real slogan “Unfair and Unbalance.”

  • DaveZappa

    You know this is a satire site, right?

  • mikeskew01

    I could totally see her doing this for real.

  • I like the TSA spokesmans name

  • We can only pray for this deeply sick, troubled, low-self-esteem carrying, hate-mongerer

  • joshmaxus

    I resent that she is using up oxygen the rest of us appreciate.


    So true so true white people don’t want that piece of trash…..in my opinion purchasing her book would add more fluid to her fire. I wouldn’t buy any of her books!! NONE EVER!!!!!! She gives an idiot a new name…

  • should have let her out at 30,000 feet.

  • HernotVersaint

    Ah Miss Coulter, in 2013 you in fact confirm that your ”emails” to US weren’t to read, but to be aware of your real IDENTITY. Then, according to that ENSUE, we finally got it;

  • HernotVersaint

    Ah Miss Coulter, in 2013 you in fact confirm that your ”emails” to US weren’t to read, but to be aware of your real IDENTITY. Then, according to that ARISE, we finally got it;

  • Why does anyone give this delusional hag publicity? Even this site talking about her keeps her in the limelight. Funny because it seems like it could be true, but I’m sick of hearing about her at all. I don’t even share the real venom she spews anymore.

  • Andrea Nash

    uhmmm I don’t think they do….scary thought that

  • Concerned Citizen

    Can we kill her? XD

  • Hey people – this article is a hoax. If you haven’t figured that out. . .well, you’re too stupid for words.

  • No Jim, its not funny. It’s quite sad actually. Sigh.

  • Fake! C’mon people! The TSA agent name was reported as Dirk Diggler!! Did anyone not catch that?!

  • Mawzy

    Tell her to stay off the View, there are two black Actresses, and she sat next to Sherri Shepherd, who is a gifted Actor and Comedian, of course Whoopi Goldberg who is known by all Celebrities,. Did she forget they were black. I will send this to the View for their comment

  • OK this woman (if she really is one…maybe she’s a tranny?) needs to be fired and left to the dustbin of history. I can’t stand even looking at her anymore. Why is such filth in the public eye?

  • dss

    I am sure that this did not happen.I am looking for a source on this story and don’t see one.I am sure this is not true and am pretty sure you can stop with the insults and disrespect.I guess it is easy to say these things when you hide behind your keyboard.

  • MLS

    Why does this woman walk the earth? Why does she have followers?

  • latonya roberts

    Wow this is so funny,, i dont even know who she is.. lol maybe the passengers didnt either thats why they look at her like she was crazy..

  • OBNative

    Massholes are still idiots.

  • True so true!!

  • Craig

    She is an idiot and that reaction just confirmed it. A black man ” Garrett A. Morgan” invented peanut butter and the traffic light, so is coulter going to stop eating PB&J and start running red lights? Pure racist!!!

  • What a stupid site. What a stupid article. These satires would work better if they were funny. The Onion was played out seven or eight years ago. And this idiot site is still going?

  • It’s just stupid slander.
    Like The Onion — but even LESS funny.

  • Most of the libs STILL think Palin said she could see Russia from her house.

  • Syn Holiday – So it’s false but it’s true? Like when Dan Rather put forth fake documents about George Bush?

  • What’s racist about that? Our conservative blacks ARE better than your lefty/lib blacks. Just as our conservative Jews, whites and Latinos are better than your lefty/lib/progressive/looter Jews, whites and Latinos.

    Or did you NOT know that Herman Cain is black? Is that news to you?

  • See, you “hate that vile woman” mostly based on these slanders about her.

  • There are only so many spots in med school. When you let in someone LESS qualified, that pushes out someone who is MORE qualified. You’re the tool, tool.

  • Yup. Just as the physical fitness/strength standards for female fire-fighters, police and military are way lower. Just not a good idea.

  • Grow up. In the real world there are racial quotas. They may be called “guidelines” or something. But they’re quotas. To meet the quotas, the standards are lowered.

  • Deserttrek

    are you so filled with hate or so stupid you cannot see satire.

  • AA should have banned her from flying with them. Now that would send a message to people that live by skin color.

  • Greattreasure

    Why do people pay attention to this crazy she dog?

  • Lola

    I’m a Christian and I want no parts of Anne the Lunatic!

  • How do you know, where you there?

  • arayablue

    Hahahaha….this is hilarious!! Why all the conversation on libs and teapubs ? Oh, I know why because the teapubs mad because none of them got picked for this. Although they do have their share of funny! Uh, let’s see, legitimate rape Akins, Michelle “There is no study that proves Carbon Dioxide is a harmful gas” Bachman, Mitt, “Corporations are people too” Romney, – Oh, my favorite, “When theres a fire on a aircraft, there’s no place to go…you can’t raise the window, I don’t know why… that’s a real problem”…..LMAO!! AND….”WHOLE BINDERS OF WOMEN”……Hahahahaha!!! Gotta love those teapublicans …NOT!!!

  • equal

    Somebody needs to kill that bitch period.

  • San

    As u have noticed?? Color does not define someone’s intelligence!!

  • Rose

    You sound so angry! I feel sorry for idiots like you. The schools that are considered great districts are the ones full of minorities. Some of the best doctors and scientists in this country are minorities. The list goes on and on. If affirmitive action did not exist racists people like your self would hold back all of these brilliant people. Even if a minority was given a position because of affirmitive action how do you explain when their grades are better than most? Or they graduate top of their class? Maybe blacks should still be in segregated schools and sit in the back of the bus! Pr women shouldn’t be allowed to vote? You stupid stupid fool

  • realblue10

    racism is still alive and well.

  • Palin didn’t say that, but she said stuff that was even stupider, like that she had conducted “trade missions back and forth” with Russia, which no one can find proof of. Or how important it was that she was there when “Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States.” She’s a straight-up idiot.

  • jethom33545

    Is this true or satire? I’m not familiar with this site.It’s outlandish behavior but It’s Ann Coulter.

  • Tired of BS

    Racist bitch!!!

  • Jessa Lynn

    Wow, what an extremely ignorant women! she would fit in great with the nuts at westboro bapitist church! I’ve never even heard of her before, and i wish i never had, she is pure evil!

  • This “news story” is every bit a real and credible as anything on the Fox Newz programs. This steaming puddle of bile should’ve been recycled long ago… she’s worth more as fertilizer than as … well.. whatever she is. It’s like Ayn Rand and Adoph Hitler had a mutant child.

  • How is it possible that the TSA agent’s name is: Dirk Digler? Something fishy.

  • I was falling for it until I got to the TSA spokesman…thankfully I saw Boogie Nights.

  • mijan126

    It’s a parody, folks. The best parodies are the ones that could *almost* be true. Simple fact is that Ann Coulter is indeed almost that bigoted and crazy.

  • Love her! Loved it when she told the arab muslim to ride a carpet.Great stuff !

  • yay! the american caste system sucks as much as the indian one :-

  • Diogenes

    Not so. In print it’s libel.

  • Dr.R. Clavan

    Ann Coulter is my hero! Absolutely love her.

  • There is nothing “Christian” about what she did.

  • This is a joke people! Really, the TSA spokesperson’s name is Dirk Diggler….Mark Walberg from Boogie Nights! Ann Coulter would NEVER say anything like this!

  • Patrick Hallahan

    I know racism when I see it or hear it! The fact that a person is Black has no barring on there abilities, and she knew exactly what she was doing, if this wasn’t a person with a public persona she would have been charged with a FAA violation inciting danger and the safety of an aircraft.

  • jkarov

    Ann Coulter is a despicable muck raker who will do or say nearly anything for publicity.

    She was talking to a disabled Vietnam vet and said

    “People like you caused us to lose that war.”


  • rbass

    Don’t push her off on us idiots, either.

  • rbass

    Don’t push her back on us Whities. We don’t want her.

  • SicSemperTyrannis

    They bought the tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say let them die.

  • Motherfather

    Ah, she gets into today’s news cycle. Crazy heifer.

  • halfbreed
  • halfbreed

    It not true

  • halfbreed
  • David

    Fake, but believable because Ann is a known dirt bag, with racist slants. Just saying.

  • Please please take her, I’ll pay

  • No we know that Stewart is running a comedy show, it is you that thinks fox or newsmax are real news sources

  • No No this is not slander, this would be libel. But I guess facts do not matter with you

  • openlyblack

    Ann Coulter … living proof that transgender people can be blithering idiots too!

  • $30330437

    She’s right though, very dangerous remaining in any vehicle, air, sea or ground, in which a ni66er is at the helm. I don’t know about you, but my life is important, I don’t dare take chances with it like that.

  • $30330437


  • $30330437

    Yes, but she does have a very good point. Does any sensible human beings think it’s a good idea to place their lives into the hands of some primitive, subhuman ni66er? I sure don’t.

  • $30330437

    To be fair though, we damn sure don’t want the ni66ers, either. At least Coulter is a human being.

  • $30330437

    It’s not racist to hate ni66ers. That just means you have good taste.

  • $30330437

    Saying something like that is like saying, “My AIDS is not as bad as your AIDS”. Doesn’t matter, both are going to die from something that is highly destructive, completely avoidable, but foolishly allowed.

  • $30330437

    They have to be. If they weren’t drastically lower for the subhumans, you’d NEVER see a ni66er or hispanic doctor, lawyer, judge, etc.

  • TSA Spokesperson Dirk Diggler? Hilarious prank!

  • Guest

    “I made the best decision I could with the information I had at the
    time. I’m not gonna risk my life for the sake of some liberal fantasy of
    equality. ”

    How can she even say that when she didn’t have any information except for the colour of her skin?

  • Derrell

    It’s a shame that an educated & attractive women can be so ignorant. Had no facts but went on her hatred. This black pilot’s credentials & experience far exceed the requirements of the job description. I will pray for you M

  • I really thought this was real until I read the quote from TSA spokesperson, “DIRK DIGGLER”…please tell me that is some kind of mistype…

  • LOL nobody wants her..Tea Party, will you step up and take this poor lost soul??

  • funtime

    Is the TSA reps name really Dirk Diggler?…….. Isn’t that Mark Wahlbergs characters name in boogie nights… Lol…. But any way.. This lady is crazy…..

  • Melinda Davis

    And tell me why,, after her display was she not arrested and charged….any other American or foreigner for that matter would have been without a blink of an eye. The pilot needs to sue for defamation of character, slander and whatever else they could come up with and she should be put on the no fly list…..

  • This actually happened?

  • Tee Zachery

    I second that notion!

  • Tee Zachery

    Give this [email protected] a Valium or some Percocet! Better yet, put her a$$ in a straitjacket and through her in solitary confinement for 30 days!

  • Guest

    Ann should be thrown to the lion’s !!

  • Even if this never happen I was told by allot of people that Ann Coulter smells like garlic and her butt stink.

  • Tired Already

    And if it is true, how do you feel?

  • I am impressed with all the liberal hatred, it seems like they have found their niche. HATE GOLDSTEIN…

  • Sick, pathetic twit desperate for publicity!

  • texasaggie

    It most certainly IS entirely believable. And, as you implied, the fact that it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for her says more about her than if the story were real.

  • texasaggie

    If Ann Coulter isn’t a racist, she’s missing a wildly successful career in acting. She manages to pull off the appearance of being a foul mouthed racist very convincingly. You have heard her rants, haven’t you?

  • Uh, guys, this story was from Daily Currant, a parody site much like The Onion. But it was on the internet so it must be true, right?

  • The tea party would be the last to want her

  • Bingo. You hit the nail on the head! Coulter is a cartoon character she meticulously and devilishly cultivated. She is a satire so it’s difficult to tell the difference between Coulter and satire.

  • Well get another flight. It’s simple. She just showed just how ignorant she is.

  • This woman is definately whacky.

  • garygramscom

    I’m sorry, I simply do not believe the story… not passing the test.

  • What was the pilots name, certainly there is enough information about her and no reason her name should not be mentioned? Also, what attribution do you have for this incident other than an unnamed source?

  • GEAH

    This is a joke site. They make up ridiculous stuff that is untrue.

    Only idiots think it’s true or associate it in any way with reality.

  • Ann is right. Affirmative action is a set of low standards made so in order that certain groups, mainly blacks, can gain entry in different fields. Affirmative action has ruled public education for forty years. How do you like our public schools ? How do you like the archipelago of Marxist indoctrination centers known as our university system.? When Affirmative action is abolished, then we can lament people feeling as Ann does. Until then, she is right.

  • Boomz41

    haha my favourite part about Daily Currant articles are the comments! they’re mind-bogglingly hilarious.

    The Onion used to be the same way, but it’s become common knowledge that it’s a satirical “news” source (though you do still see people falling for it here and there).

    I have to admit, when it comes to the stories themselves, I still find The Onion waaaay funnier, but The Daily Currant stories are way more believable and I think that’s what they’re going for. The Onion strives for obvious satire while The Daily Currant strives for believable satire where the funniest thing about it is that fact that people believe it.

    I hope they make a Daily Currant Movie with interviews with people who believe their BS news stories – that would be hysterical!!!

  • Boomz41

    That’s the point of satire – it’s funny because it is so believable… the story, while fake, speaks volumes about reality purely because it is so believable.

    That said, it’s really disheartening to see how many people read something like this and do not even attempt to fact-check or look for other sources of the story before assuming it’s true. Critical thinking has died and it didn’t even get a funeral.

  • Boomz41

    You get an A! lol

  • Boomz41

    No. This is a SATIRICAL “newspaper”………. I’d think it was obvious but I guess not!

  • Boomz41

    The website clearly states that it is a satirical publication.

  • Boomz41

    or …. you know… anything for the sake of SATIRE

  • Boomz41

    because it’s a satirical story and people who (rightfully) despite Coulter are spreading it and commenting it not realizing it’s fake…

  • Boomz41

    The style of satire used by The Current is different than that of The Onion – while the Onion strives for the outrageous and unbelievable, The Currant strives to be so believable that the humour lies in the reactions of gullible people.

    I personally think The Onion’s stories are funnier, but I really enjoy and appreciate The Currant’s style as well… I hope that they make a Daily Currant Movie that has “reporters” interviewing real people on the streets about fake news stories – that would be hilarious!

  • Boomz41

    It is impossible to state how hilarious it is that on a satirical story you comment about Faux Noise (which I can only assume means Fox News)….

  • Boomz41

    Or you could have, you know, hovered your mouse over The Daily Currant at the top and realized that this is, in fact, a satirical news magazine…

  • Boomz41

    well aren’t you a grade-A detective! lol

  • This is not a true story. Remember the focus of the Daily Currant to be a satire of the truth. Come on folks, don’t be so gullible.

  • Dan

    People on this site are dumb enough to believe this? Wow. Stupidity has reached a whole new level. The TSA spokesman being named Dirk Diggler didn’t throw any of you off?

  • LOL!!

  • jerry bouchet

    Isn’t that her choice to make after all it is her life and I don’t blame her blacks can barely drive a car next time you see a black driving a car look at it real close and see if it is wrecked almost 90% of them have damage somewhere. Now this could be the result of drug and alcohol use but its a real problem. The black female pilot might be a great pilot but who wants to deny statistics when you are dealing with your life thats when its time for profiling it is your right.

  • The Alaska-Russia controversy erupted in 2008 when ABC’s Charlie Gibson asked Palin, “What insight into Russian actions particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of this state give you?”
    Palin said: “They’re our next-door neighbors. And you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.”

  • Carlum

    According to scientists, all human beeings, including poor guest, are afro descendants

  • Jim

    Well said Jon! I’m not a big fan of Ann Coulter, but I would double check the authenticity of this story. Alivia, your comments about Christians, speaks volumes about your own prejudices. I’m a Christian and you don’t know me. You don’t know what kind of person I am. You just lumped us all together. I’d say that makes you prejudiced and small minded. I’d once again suggest that this story “smacks” of a sham. God bless!

  • BunnynSunny

    Doesn’t she travel in a litter that’s carried by her slaves?

  • shivabeach

    ” some liberal fantasy of equality”? Seriously? How did she get her fame? Does she understand her DNA is based on being African? Where did she get that throat and who pushed that bump out? Why wernt the crew packing and why didnt they shoot her?

  • shivabeach

    Fact. I just got my DNA done and I’m a whilte blond blue eyed male

  • shivabeach

    That has to be one of the dumbest things I have heard in the last 30 years. Yes, seriously

  • shivabeach

    Marxists, LOL

  • True Story

    My father actually thinks she’s good looking. I have a feeling he’s fighting his gay instincts. He’s in his late 70s and listens to Queen. Queen is a great band, but come on!

  • GovSlacker

    That is because Black Pilots drink. Smart woman – and good looking.

  • GovSlacker

    I was at her home and you can’t see Russia from her back yard – which is filled with NYTs reporters still trying to get some dirt on her.

  • she should be arrested for promoting raciism

  • Muslimah

    We’ll take her! Allah is all-forgiving. She’ll just have to grow a beard and stay in a burkah. And no flying on brooms.

  • Is Ann Coulter Racist or Just Simply an Irrational Woman?

    I do not believe Ann Coulter is racist but she is certainly prone to
    prejudices. This should not be confused with racism because to have
    prejudices simply means that you have preconceived ideas and are not based on hate or based on malice and we all have those.

    I believe she had real concerns because affirmative action does exist
    and does limit the rights of white people and therefore the selection
    process. However, her reasoning was not rational.

    Suppose the
    decorated African American female pilot had been selected partially for
    her ethnicity. So what? Maybe she is not as qualified as others but she
    does at least meet or exceed all the minimum qualifications set by the
    FAA to pilot a commercial aircraft. This is never compromised from the
    standpoint of safety and standards because losses, although tragic, cost
    money — lots of money.

    And another point. There is also a
    co-pilot and engineer in the cockpit who I would not doubt are also very
    capable and very qualified. I would have no problem boarding a jet with
    a full African American female flight crew. On second thought I may not
    board that plane either because as Ann Coulter may have proven, women
    tend to make irrational decisions.

  • “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,”

    I trust therefore that she will not be permitted to possess or use firearms.

  • Did anyone else notice that the TSA spokesperson was named Dirk Diggler ? Is this a fake news story ?

  • As oppose to Fox where you get yours? LOL

  • Dear Ann Coulter,

    The only information you had at the time was that the pilot of the plane was a black female. To you, it may seem like a “liberal fantasy of equality” but really, it’s about not assuming an American Veteran of two wars is some how unqualified to fly your plane simply because her skin is a different color than yours.

    That is no liberal fantasy, it is called being a decent human being!

    Thank you to this brave pilot who fought not one, but two wars to give this vile woman her right to say such idiotic things. I am sorry that you experienced such blind hatred.

  • I don’t get my news from FAUX News. I am perfectly capable of doing my own research and forming my own opinions based upon facts. I don’t need any overpaid news reader or some opinionated talking head from FAUX News (or PMSNBC, for that matter) telling me what to think or what is important enough that I should think about it. You may need the entertainment media feeding you crap and keeping you in the dark like some kind of a fungus, but I don’t.

  • Raydonn

    While I would applaude her if it was true, it isn’t…..she’s not that gutsy…..

  • Raydonn

    I’m rather certain ‘Stewart’ isn’t his real name……quite far from it actually……

  • Without knowing the full situation this was going a bit overboard. I DO however agree that “affirmative action” should NOT be used in a situation where lives are at stake, or any other situation for that matter. Not saying it was used here, just saying in general. Affirmative action = Racism.

  • I hate Ann Coulter as much as the next person but honestly, how can you believe that this is actual news. TSA Spokesperson Dirk Diggler? Is that the same Dirk Diggler who has a giant dong?

  • Ann Coulter did the right thing, I would have been with her on this one. I guess great minds think alike. Amazed to read so many sheeple voicing opposing views, cowardice can kill you. It’s time we stop sticking our heads in the sand and wake up to the brain washing about blacks and their sob story about how they aren’t treated fairly. I personally have seen discrimination in the work place for many years as a Manager of an employment agency where a far more qualified white male was not given the opportunity due to need to fill based on affirmative action.

  • OK so this is a completely fake post and not even true to begin with.

  • LSwede46

    Affirmative action started by WHITE women so they could start working. What a loser!!! Shows how much uneducated she is!!! Everything that comes out of her mouth is always crap.

  • Says it all. Without a doubt she is an A1 bigot. I’m gald she represents the right wingers from the GOP.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    get with the times. she flies an electrolux customized to run on hot air and bullsh!t.

  • I am not stupid but I wonder about you. I commented on a story that was posted on the internet. True or not I still stand by my comment because this Ms./Mr. “THANG” has shown her/his prejudices.

  • Close enough

  • lazarus40

    No, it didn’t. It’s shocking to me how many think this is legit. However, I have to consider that Ann is a nut job, so it’s not wholly out of the realm of possibility. But consider today’s date, when this was written, AND that this site is based on satirical information.

  • candy33861

    People If she has a book to sell what better way to draw attention to yourself than to make a scene on a airplane? I myself would not waste my time or effort to even look for the book. let alone read the trash.
    Here is a poilt that has done her duty for god and country and this is the way she is treated? I would have booted her off the plane myself if i had been there.

  • Jen R.

    For your information, Ann Coulter got her start on MSNBC, which hired her twice & fired her for her outrageous comments like telling an a disabled Vietnam vet & anti-war activist “No wonder you guys lost…” She goes beyond commentary & spews vitriol, which even many conservatives agree, blunts the effectiveness of any criticism she makes. And the reason some people not familiar with this site might believe this is true is that her actual quotes aren’t that different: Coulter wrote in another column that she had reviewed the civil rights lawsuits against certain airlines to determine which of them had subjected Arabs to the most “egregious discrimination” so that she could fly only that airline. She also said that the airline should be bragging instead of denying any of the charges of discrimination brought against them. Referring to something Barack Obama wrote about black insularity in avoiding the perceived racism from whites, she wrote: “Here’s a little inside scoop about white people: We’re not thinking about you. Especially WASPs. We think everybody is inferior, and we are perfectly charming about it.”

  • Mark Sporleder

    You people blew this one way out of proportion. Keep up the great lies.

  • Since gasoline dissolves plastic, I’m assuming it would be more effective. And as a bonus, you can light it up and watch her breast implants pop.

  • Uhm. You DO realize that The Daily Currant and The Onion are competitors, right? Highly doubtful that The Onion would allow The Currant to republish their articles.

  • Vivek Golikeri

    She did the pilot a back-handed favor. I mean, who wants to fly that acid-mouthed humanoid vampire if they don’t have to?

  • I kinda wish I had been on that flight, it would have been worth the assault charges to slap hat racist mouth of hers shut.

  • delle

    she has plenty of enemies don’t worry.

  • Hold on here! We know that Jon Stewart is not really reporting news. He’s a comedian (see, he appears on Comedy Central and that kinda gives it away). Unfortunately, we can’t say the same of Faux News. They pretend to be real “news” people.

  • Slick

    It has come to the conclusion that the troll under the bridge of Billy Goat Gruff will take her……Uh Oh news update, The troll just left for Detroit in fear of her coming.

  • jjdoe

    Satire – except for this indisputable line –

    ‘Coulter, however, is unapologetic about her actions.’
    This woman will say anything to get in the news. No wonder the article seems so real!

  • Ummmm….you DO understand that the articles on this site are pure satire, right?

  • Noodle

    dis bitch ain’t even got her own plane? Just don’t let her fly anymore, problem solved.

  • mr pink

    she’s blond isnät she?

  • Message to Ann Coulter: begone, before someone drops a house on you!

  • I am a fan of Ann Coulter.She crossed the line by refusing to fly Bro Airlines.

  • Fine ,she can take a bus or even walk.If I were in charge of that airline I would put her on the NO FLY list. Who wants a racist,bigot like that! And why do we care if she didn’t want to fly with that pilot! LOSER!

  • The real Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler??? Realy??? Think of a better name, that’s Mark Wahlburg’s character in Boogie Nights….

  • Yes, actually, his legal name is Stewart.

  • Wow! I’m glad she went on this rant because it should expose her as the extremist right wing wacko she really is! By the way wasn’t Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights?

  • just like most right wing wackos think that Obama was born in Kenya Right?

  • ines

    She is a horrible person

  • estrada0822

    Yeah, that’s the reason you guys like to sook that long ni66ers bratwurst, Ann Coulter style.

  • You Go Girl!!

  • fustian24

    Satire requires an element of truth to it to be funny.

    But Ann is not even remotely a racist.

    This is just mean spirited.

  • Obama and the gov would do something as dodgy as that but the woman has been a pilot for a long time. Racist.

  • Nate

    What a bunch of idiots on this site…..the same ones who voted for the half-assed Black in the White House…..they would believe anything!

  • Debbie Garcia

    The fact that people actually think this story is true astounds me. TSA spokesperson “Dirk Diggler”??? That’s a character from the movie “Boogie Nights” and of course the fact that this story was not in the headlines or on the news should tell you something. It’s a freakin parody people. Just laugh and move on.

  • Amazing to see such proof that the vicious and malevolent nature of those that attack someone like Ann that they really know nothing about is matched by their stupidity in believing such an obviously fake “story”. Guess I would pity then if they were not such sorry examples of decency.

  • paceywhitter

    Oh come on, that title is so misleading!!
    Black pilot is one thing, but a black female pilot!


  • She’s a homophobic, idiotic, hypocritical bigot. But, did no one else notice that the TSA spokesperson’s name is Dirk Diggler?

  • Johanlinsson

    The funny/sad part of this is the story seemed so true……and could have been.

  • we could all auction her off . Together we stand .. Black,white and purple people rise !! [gasp]

  • Am I the only one that would dance a jig or rather WILL dance a jig when it’s reported that someone finally got tired of her mouth and put her in an ICU ward?

  • damn_its_one_of_them

    What surprises me about this story that it wasn’t the pilot that refused to fly with Ms.Coulter aboard.

  • Maybe she can ask the lady from Canada for a ride on her camel

  • Lionel Sewpershad

    I wonder if she is breathing the same air millions of Blacks and Latinos exhale. If she is, she must hate having doing so.

  • jjdoe

    Monkeys and dolphins object. They don’t want her either!

  • George

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler… Really?? LOL!!!

  • David

    How is a women with a mental illness allowed to be famous – she is an insult to people who actually manage their mental diseases.


  • Rachel Roxbury

    Seriously? She needs to get a grip. At an airport, African Americans handle the luggage, fuel the planes, load the food and snack containers, guide them for taxiing, etc. The thing she should be ranting over are the ticket prices.

  • Rhondayes

    She was promoting her book, since talk shows no longer invite her on their shows. She is irrelevant and her 15 minutes are up. She probably knew doing what she did would give her some air time, but, also, sad it didn’t give her as much as she’d hoped.

    The saddest part of this is the fact that she is dating Jimmy “JJ Dynomite” Walker. He is an absolute lost soul to have anything to do with her.

  • Rhondayes

    You poor thing…you’re so busy trying to help us, that you’re neglecting to have fun.
    What is wrong with people that they assume other people are not as equally smart as they are?

    The premise is always to accept that people are as smart as you, even if you learn later you are the smartest person in the room. AT LEAST GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF BEING AS SMART AS YOU FROM THE BEGINNING, UNTIL YOU’VE LEARNED OTHERWISE.

  • Rhondayes

    The Libs are smart enough to know that you guys have to visit where libs congregate to have people that may listen to you. What’s wrong bubbe’ no body to play with on a right wing site or unable to find people with a funny bone on your side?

  • Rhondayes

    Ann Coulter is a pretentious trick unfit for any polite society. Sounding cultured doesn’t equal class. Being a self-righteiously smug WASP gets her the donut prize. We’re not impressed and people like her are making it difficult for people that look like her globally.

    She’s made being tolerated an art form. In her circle she is to be endured and far from welcomed, anywhere. She is always the “plus 1”, because she no longer receives invites to any affair.

  • Rhondayes

    LMAO. Robert she called you a mushroom; a toadstool. You hit a nerve..

  • Rhondayes

    Ahhh Steve…you were doing great, until you brought up her. too bad. I was just beginning to like you.

  • WandaZZ

    Dirk Diggler??? Really???? Is this whole story a joke?

  • DList

    Hey Left wing idiots. The Daily Currant is satire. So much for the Right being easily lead and ignorant.

  • Lynne Gill

    why wasn’t this woman arrested and imprisoned? Because of her notoriety and wealth and connections. Dear God, the bad old days aren’t far behind you know when a vicious, poisonous (and possibly mentally deranged) woman can get away behaving like this in public.


    When ever Ann speaks, God kills a puppy.

  • John K

    Ann Coulter does not have “controversial views on race”, she is a bigot.

  • bronncohowie

    Uh, ” TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler” ??? REALLY ?? Anybody wondering about this ?

  • BUMbO

    Most liberals I know understand this is a comedy site, and that anything that puts down the harridan Ann Coulter is absolutely funny.

  • BUMbO

    Says the cons who think they get the truth from Fox.

  • Beth Ryan-small

    This can’t be real, a spokesman named Dirk Diggler, that’s not real. He is a character in Boogie Nights. I wouldn’t be surprised if she acted in that manner though.

  • Shewhowantstoknowthetruth

    I’m a democrat and a liberal. I pay taxes and don’t abuse the system. Politics and actions of our government have given me pause and I don’t always side with my party’s line. We are wasting our time commenting on this woman who has made a very comfortable living by being extreme and I would be more shocked if she had not behaved that way. So I’m going to read the news, from the reasonable right and the reasonable left, educate myself as to what the real issues are, and not worry about a woman who has done NOTHING to improve the lives of the people of our country and EVERYTHING to improve her own life and wasting our time.

  • eelo

    This was funny! “TSA Spokesperson Dirk Diggler…'”

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • What a dork! Ann Coulter is a puss in America’s quest for racial harmony.

  • Mister_Mean

    If this is true about her going berserk then the FBI should have taken her off for creating a nuisance and threat. Federal charges and jail time. One could only hope.

  • Brion Boyles

    If you fall for this, or take offense, step back and think about it…reknowned author, easily recognizable, spouts racist crap too stupid to repeat but for skinheads and far left “news” outlets bent on seeding outragious stories to gullable lefties….to a full firstclass section of a plane, probably 50/50 with Liberals/Conservatives with connections to media (if they aren’t media themselves) , to get buisted off a plane for God and everyone to see and lose a writing career… Again, if you believe this, you should step back and examine why you believe this story. Someone has trained you to abandon logic.

  • Brion Boyles
  • Brion Boyles

    Loving the way you people swallow this crap hook, line and sinker in your hate-filled zeal….get a grip on yourselves.

  • Brion Boyles

    Yes. Yes, they are.

  • M

    Yeah, but Satire is supposed to be funny.

  • Katrina

    I think Westboro baptist is looking for someone like her

  • matty

    Dirk Diggler…TSA spokesman….yeah right this must be a spoof..but good one

  • singinganddanzinger

    It’s been obvious for years that the poor woman in mentally unwell, so this joke has a weird validity to it.

  • disqus_Y9soAsFXQ7

    So the Daily Currant finds it necessary to concoct a fictional story about Ann Coulter acting like an idiot to illustrate . . . what? That we didn’t already know that she’s a whack-job? Wouldn’t it be more intelligent, educational AND humorous to illustrate the stupid crap that she REALLY says . . . and the ridiculous media that cover her . . . as if she is truly relevant? This is supposed to be FUNNY?

  • Andrew Cole Coffey

    What a bitch.

  • BlueVibe

    When will she finally become so paranoid that she shuts down and completely stops leaving her house? What can we do to make that happen faster?

  • Kandy Shachter Reintges

    This woman should be sent someplace where her “fears” are legit!!! Good lord

  • Brutus

    LMFAO…the TSA Spokes person in this article is really named Dirk Diggler???? LMFAO…wasn’t that the name Mark Walburg’s character when he played John Holmes in that movie???? I don’t know about this news article people.

  • @Jon R. Well said, thank you for providing background.

  • Dirk Diggler? The character from Boogie Nights… This is a fake story.

  • Luckily we can all just ignore her because everyone knows bottle blondes are dumber than average.

  • Roxy

    Ya gotta love Ann Coulter! She tells it the way it is. We need more people to stand up and speak the truth like Ann Coulter does!

  • Hard Boiled

    Coulter you are a disowned RINO, and all Christians hang their head in shame that ever admitted to knowing you! we dont want you. what is the difference between a decorated educated black woman pilot, and an educated drunk white male pilot? Id choose the black woman any day. this is why as a white woman i am married to a black man, and am ashamed of my own race sometimes! Get on your broom you hag, i hope you are banned from flying on a plane!

  • Jenab6

    TSA Spokesman Dirk Diggler? Did that guy have his name legally changed as an obscene joke?

  • Big lou

    I would like to show her how to ride a real brother.

  • Ellehcor Tterrab


  • Ellehcor Tterrab

    lol lol, wicked. u ppl crack me up with your comments

  • marky mark

    This bitch hasn’t heard of the Tuskegee Airmen!?

  • Roosevelt Arje Jackson

    Why do we even entertain this woman. She’s irrelevant.

  • Ron Jeremy

    “TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler”…are they serious?

  • guest

    no charges where filed however had that been someone not in first class or not a republican or lets see mexican black i wonder what the recommendation would have been smh lol i guess she’s her own lawyer people like that get slaps on the wrist while the government is still trying to make examples out of people who are just trying to get by in life but bc of who she is nothing happens smh!!!!!!!





  • MeMeMe

    perhaps FOX feau news will team her up with Sarah darling… that ought to be a real ‘treat’… dumb and dumber!!!

  • MeMeMe

    Fine upstanding christian spreading that joyous love… say halleluyer… praise the lort…

  • Weezy

    Ho about this?! HUMANS don’t want her! Strap her on an Acme rocket and light it up……Wylie Coyote can show her how it’s done!

  • Gee

    Racist bitch should buy her own plane with a dumb assed rednecked pilot like herself to fly it.

  • blotto

    Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler,….Really? DIRK DIGGLER…LOLOL

  • hate _Ann

    Wow! I see your true colors…Ann can go to _ _ _ _, if they will have her!!!

  • trk387

    Are we still doing that A/A? I don’t think the airlines participates in that. LOL trk387

  • trk387

    DUDES, you can’t fault this woman for being who she is? For God’s sakes she works for FOX!, stupidity and ignorance is their mantra!

    ” I am a Fox News Commentator, I stand for stupidity and ignorance, and I will never do anything that could be remotely considered sane ”

  • trk387

    I believe they fire you FOX for doing something real and truthful. lol

  • trk387

    NOW to save face? she could have made up a story, like she was napping and saw the plane crash into the sea! Citing that she saw FINAL DESTINATION and she isn’t taking any chances. lol

    Hey you think they play that movie on the planes as entertainment?

  • trk387


  • Cyril Vickers

    She is clearly a racist…that is what she should have said…wake up lady its the 21st century blacks are in the highest job on the nation

  • Who would ride anything with her?

  • Joan

    She is darn RACIST… u all know it.

  • John L Myers IV

    Could totally see her doing this. And it wouldn’t be the craziest or worst thing she’s ever said.

  • brrryce

    Ok, Daily “Currant”? This is a parody, people. As in The Onion. She’s despicable enough without having to lie about her.

  • Crystal

    She can’t be helped. End of story.

  • joanne power

    The pilot should commence legal action against her. Never put up with these attention seekers that will do nothing to stop at maing into the lime light. Take her money in court then she’ll shut her insulting mouth.

  • jrs1947

    Who cares!

  • J Kirt

    And these crazy racist bitches got jobs? America is going down the drain..

  • Maria


  • CB

    This Lady is out of her mind. Who was supposed to support that bullshit??

  • CB

    Fox will try to take up for her and make excuses, you see what the authorities did. Said she had a problem. Yea, she has a problem with other races.

  • ejeff

    This is all fake news people. This didn’t happen. This is like The Onion news. Who are the racists? Everything is race, race, race! Most liberals and Progressives are racists. Conservatives believe that all men and women are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Liberals understand that the low-information, gullible people will fall for the “racist” accusations every time. See, it worked again.

  • Carolyn Knapp

    Please send her at the arctic, she can live there, where she can´t harm nobody!

  • DaRedNeckKing

    It’s really somebody with The Name “Dirk Diggler”???

  • MagicJickJack

    I Really REALLY hope she couldn’t get another plane that day! What a stupid, racist airhead!!!

  • OneAdam12


  • OneAdam12

    I think her and Rush Limbaugh should get married.

  • Sisi Kitty Linton

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler, “We recommended against pressing charges, and mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.” Perhaps you should send her to a Mexican psychiatrist.

  • Conned B4
  • brainiac

    “TSA Spokesperson Dirk Diggler.” Hahaha, you almost had until I read that. Obviously that slipped by several people who are reacting as if this article is real.

  • Joe Abbott

    She is a whack job. Almost as stupid as Sarah Palin When she visited Kansas University they threw red paint at her.

  • AbuOmar

    She is a nutcase..she clearly suffers from some complex, but leaving her without a charge will encourage her to stick to this kind a behavior and may do worst in the future…she must b charged so this approach wont be copied neither by her or by others..

  • Bob

    If I may quote another famous woman, “What does it matter?” Really if you don’t like someone in the private sector, stop talking about them. Publicity is what keeps people in the media working. Its not as if she holds public office.

  • awesome

    LMAO!!!! the comments on here are hilarious .. no one wants her.. i bet the devil himself wouldnt keep her as trash

  • Name

    I am glad she stepped off the plane because her evil heart smacks omen

  • Guiseppe Mahoosh

    Please tell me this is an article from “The Onion”.

  • Name

    The tea party ought to know good “coffee”,. lol

  • lking

    Why do we waste our time listing to such a racist Bitch. I wish the airlines had pressed charges, and the again what if it had been someone Black who had done the same thing, would the outcome be the same?

  • Pablo Diaz

    That thing call Ann Coulther, yes Thing ( cosa ) because do not deserve call human, should be in Get out of the Media and put in Jail. Your culture its the same as your integrity. Ann no vales nada como ser humano.
    Te lo dice un MEXICANO.

  • Anna

    This story should not have made the headlines. Who is Ann Coulter? A psychopath who seeks attention and when entertained feels like she’s accomplished something.

  • Guest

    why didnt she get a ticket???? df

  • jimmy smarter than you

    Fools it never happen…

  • anita c.

    God forbid she ever have an accident and the only one available to help the witch is a black doctor, sorry, youre dead!!!

  • Rachel Rose

    Most of the brainwashed, bobbleheaded stupidiots reading this article have no clue it is all a lie… it is called ‘satire’. This is how the Left has a laugh. After this, it will be ROFL about Sarah Palin’s little boy with Down’s Syndrome. I am so happy I am not a Demonrat Liberal Progressive Leftist-type! I have a heart and a brain! And I prefer the TRUTH

  • ramubay

    Anyone who would believe this to be true should do the rest of the world a favor and commit suicide. I get it that Democrats are so stupid they would believe anything, but Democrats are too stupid to live. If you believed this do the rest of the world a favor and don’t wake up int he morning. http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp

  • Ramubay

    Democrats have to either be the dumbest group in the world to believe this or the most dishonest. What’s sad, is they’re both.

  • Ben

    and she dates jimmy jj walker and other blackmen smdh

  • Relativity

    TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler?

    Isn’t that the pornstar from Boogie Nights???

  • Christian

    Seriously people, as much as I would love for this to have happened.. because she’s a moron, this site it FAKE.. IT”S CALLED SATIRE!!!

  • aclay777

    This is a hard story to believe, but It’s possible, lets see what more comes of this, she could have been arrested by homeland security for this act. that tells me something isn’t as it seems.

  • Jenna

    I think this sums it up best…LOL

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA
    spokesperson Dirk Diggler, “We recommended against pressing charges, and
    mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.”

  • Jevon

    This is completely false. Please don’t let the media make this woman seem any worse than she already is.

  • Toni

    I don’t know this bitch but I know the other passengers were glad they didn’t have to spend hours on a plane with her!

  • BH1673

    This article is a complete fabrication. Ann Coulter is a moron but none o this happened. Don’t get sucked into the inaccurate and firebrand politics that this journalist or for that matter Ann coulter portray. Form your own opinions don’t let fox or MSNBD do it for you.

  • Drew

    This thread is hilarious. You people are awesome.

  • Steve

    Dirk Diggler is the TSA spokesperson? This has to be a fake story. Really? Ha! That is the character from Boogie Nights.

  • LOL priceless!

  • john browne

    for those that ever wondered, now there is no question coulter is a rabid racist. lets see what Fox does with this literally mentally ill person now.

  • Claude Chaney

    Ms. Coulter is going to miss many flights in future. She has taken the mixture of stupidity and bigotry to a new level.

  • yahoo

    lol lol lol

  • smithpae

    sooner or later the harridan within will out. Perhaps she can take solace with Mel Gibson.

  • bushywhacky

    She should be banned from all commercial flights

  • AC

    It would be nice to go back and pull up all her past flight tickets and see how many black pilots she had that she didn’t know about. LOL that would send her over the edge! Coulteir had the right to express her disdain but she should have
    politely deboarded the plan and asked for another ticket – at her cost.
    But all the extra dramatics and stress she caused, I think charges
    should be filed against her in addition to a psychiatric evaluation. I bet she didn’t know that the last couple of pilots who were caught drinking while flying were white? But anyhoo, don’t wanna cause no black-white stats about pilots. Pilots rock! no matter what color they are. It is truly amazing for any person to learn how to fly an aircraft, small or large. I think pilots are the smartest, toughest people in the world. I can’t even fathom the level of mental and technical strength they must have to do what they do everyday!

  • Guest

    better than that mother of yours that is on the ho stroll

  • thrsalimit

    better than that mother and sister of yours that are on the ho stroll

  • thrsalimit

    show us proof loser

  • Strange1

    Hmmm TT, Just where do you get the ‘FACTS’?

  • umphah

    How did this actually happen and Late Night hasn’t cracked on it? When I began reading, I kept waiting for the punch line because I thought it was a joke. I still think it’s a joke. Even Ann Coulter is not that stupid. If this had actually happened, it would have been breaking news because the Airline would have had her removed from the plane. It’s quite funny however. But come on people.

  • Jack Klompus

    The best part is the way they are so proud of calling everyone else dumb and stupid. Their superior attitudes are hilarious.

  • umphah

    Who’s Palin?

  • umphah

    She’s sub human and a transvestite. Take a look at that Adam’s apple and the bony knees.

  • umphah

    No, Steve, some people hate her because of what they have heard from her when she was being invited to appear on radio and TV shows. I think most people know the Daily Currant is a comedy site which posts fake news.

  • umphah

    I’m sure hoping you don’t have a gun Tasha Tchin. You might possibly blow your brains out. Oh, wait, you don’t have any brains. Now what?

  • umphah

    The deficit is higher because he received a deficit and Bush had a surplus when he was elected. A surplus that was left to him by the last Democrat that held that office.

  • umphah

    Those that didn’t vote for President Obama, also didn’t vote for Romney which explains why he lost. Quit licking your wounds in public Tasha, it’s unsightly and disgusting. Short story, President Obama won and that is the end of the story. No republican will get in for years to come.

  • rapier1

    The number of people that don’t understand that The Daily Currant is a satire site is simply astounding. Maybe they don’t know what a currant is?

  • umphah

    We know it’s not true, but it still fits like to glove on Ann. That’s what makes this so funny and believable. It’s something she would have said had she encountered a black female pilot. This is good stuff. It doesn’t matter that it’s fake.

  • umphah

    It’s perfectly fake because it truly fits her personality. We know it’s fake, but it’s so LIKE her.

  • umphah

    Oh, dang it, Carlum. Don’t give that to us. She was hatched in… can’t find a place that she might have been able to survive once they saw her.

  • Pam

    This is a hoax…PEOPLE ….. READ! Snopes.com

  • pam

    Snopes.com……………..not true

  • pat

    Do you know how to check out a story to see if it’s true…? No? So that means you are ignorant. Check out snopes.com

  • pat

    Yes, yes, they are all stupid.

  • Priscilla

    You are a stupid fart….this story isn’t even true. You are a sick, sick person. You’re not even Christian. You can’t be. Not with that post. Check out snopes.com…story isn’t even true.

  • Dee

    Not true…satire…totally lost on YOU
    hahahahaaa! You suck

  • DDG


  • CB

    You sound real dumb, just like she did. Nothing got accomplished. So you suck off!

  • Timepiece Tattoo Company

    Ha! TSA agent Dirk Diggler!

  • McWhite

    I just think Ann Coulter should be euthanized. It will be for her own good.

  • LJS


  • Simon Addinsell

    It’s a spoof….and Happy Traitor’s Day* for all of you dumb enough to believe this wind-up (We’re going to change the name of 4th July* to; “National thank-God-we-got-rid-of-them day”)

  • Michael Vroom

    Hey, Christians believe all are equal in the eyes of the Lord. Don’t give her to us! We don’t want this! Nooooo! SEND IT AWAY!!!!!

  • steve

    Ann C. confirms over and over again…that she is a mental misfit…embodying any racist, medieval atrocity of humankind

  • Andy


  • Andy

    I smell satire….or is it what Dirk Diggler left on the bedsheets….

  • cheryl

    I dont think any one wants her,this is what is wrong people like this,she should go back to what ever hole she came out of……

  • elijah

    poor ann, did she take her tablets?

  • Barbra Mayanja

    That was a bit rich coming from her….

  • Kabango

    Coulter, go to helo n’ die with yo racism

  • PTD

    How does a person automatically go there? Sad! Her mind must be constantly conflicted, Way too uptight!

  • Akhabue

    Galatians 3 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)
    26For you are all children of God by the faith of Yeshua The Messiah. 27For those who have been baptized into The Messiah have put on The Messiah. 28There is neither Jew nor Aramaean, neither Servant nor Free person, neither male nor female, for all of you are one in Yeshua The Messiah.

  • Real ufo

    Jeez, this is not a human. Was it?

  • boodega

    racist jar-jar binks strikes again

  • boodega

    Is this rotting tumor still talking? This is it’s last ditch effort to exploit a dying train of thought. What a pathetic attempt to draw attention to itself, and it works as a spectacle but it wastes our time. Why do we have to continue to respond to this extreme fringe of white supremacist willful ignorance? It’s the death knell of a desperate whore, a flailing and dying attention sucker that has nothing else to do but deplete our energy for it’s own useless sustenance. This ugly worm is about to die but it’s poisoning our well on it’s way down.

  • I am Black too

    she is f**** idiot and racist.

  • Artist George Mercado

    She has a black boyfriend of 4 years, this story is bullshit!

  • hopeson

    She was foolish does she think black people have no brains? Stupid woman

  • rock

    This is pure racist stance and has nothing to do with the experience of the pilot. she is a racist God will punish her

  • Cheryl Bartholomew

    Ummm yeah, Dirk Diggler? This is completely not real. Also people, pay attention the other stories. They are spoofing all of today’s issues. You know, like a joke?

  • Gereng

    There is some reason for concern. A majority of blacks receive special exams of less severity in many universities.. including the military service academies.
    It is much more difficult to fire or demote blacks and other protected minorities. The most frightening case of misdiagnoses I ever heard of was pronounced by a black ER doctor in a northern VA hospital.
    In nearly 7 yrs working in Africa I saw absolutely horrifying levels of incompetence at every level of Govt and in the professions. Many of these people were educated in the US or in the UK (aid grants) and were given degrees regardless of grades. So, Miss Coulter is not being irrational at all just politically incorrect. Which, of course, is worse than being a murderer.

  • christian woman

    We don’t want her either!!

  • shesamoron

    Let’s just deport her. No one wants her. Feed her to the polar bears in the Arctic Circle.

  • DaRob

    i know it’s satire, but honestly, you’d think a big strong dude like Coulter wouldn’t be afraid of flying, no matter who’s at the controls.

  • freedomfighter

    I couldn’t agree more. when are people going to realize that the only way to fight hatemongers like ann coulter et al is to simply ignore them. media take heed!

  • stopthelies1

    Hey they are getting better or is it that they only check Snopes when it is a bad story about their ‘kind’?

  • stopthelies1

    Like you would moron………..

  • stopthelies1

    Do tell us where these ‘real’ news sources are.

  • George Hirst

    This is such bull! This didn’t happen. Shame on this Current website!

  • Wicked Witch of the West Side

    Damn straight we don’t want her. Contrary to popular belief, the saying “if the broom fits” does NOT refer to Coulter’s cavernous lady cave.

  • D Umbo

    Being a woman herself i guess she waz nervus with a lady pilot i guess she was projecting her own insecurities about bein a lady pilot on to the lady pilot. not that shes a lady pilut. i dont meen the lady pilot thats a lady pilot but the lady pilut that isnt a lady pilut.

  • Skip Mungro

    I was on that flight and was glad she got off the plane I was next on the upgrade list and got her seat In the front row. Scotch and water flight attendant. Thank You Ann Coulter. LMAO

  • Skip Mungro

    Libs can’t tell the difference between real news , Mmmm and you watch Faux News. Get Real

  • Skip Mungro

    Said the Faux News listener


    Fox News is just another Hate Target for Liberals, your comment is so stale

  • Michele

    THE ENTIRE PAPER IS SATIRE…hello, it admits to that…I think it’s wild how many people are believeing this stuff though…reminds me of the tea party talking smack about pres Obama and their foolish followers believe it.

  • Charles

    It is a fact in the U.S. that affirmative action has placed many non-whites in positions for which they are unqualified. There is a fairly recent case where a white woman challenged a male black man’s acceptance at a medical school which turned down her application. She alleged she had superior grades and credentials but was rejected. This male black man eventually graduated from medical school. He became a plastic surgeon and botched many operations. When he botched them, he quietly transported them to his home where some of them later died. When the husband of one of his patients died in the doctor’s home, his nurse reportedly told the distraught husband, “Don’t worry, you will get your money back.” It is unfortunate that the entire world is becoming a “race war,” but affirmative action has been responsible for more discrimination than it has erased. There are many black, female judges who owe their positions to affirmative action. This is far more than a black, female pilot. Judges hold our country’s future in their hands and are harming millions.

  • Kenneth Williams

    She should have been charged. We cannot keep giving these people a pass, then lock up a drug addict instead of helping them.

  • Elizabeth Donegan

    This story is such bulls#*^! More liberal propaganda craving racism. I cannot believe the sheep who but into such sensationalism.

  • Bryan Richards

    You aren’t very bright are you… 1) this woman is batshit crazy and 2) this is a satire site

    The sheep that buy it eh? Perhaps you’ve not looked into a mirror.

  • Vince Lovato

    People, we all hate AC but we’ve been hoaxed. This story has no merit.

  • hank

    She’s a big c’nt.

  • Ras Michael

    ” mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.” Very appropriate!

  • Octavio Jimenez

    This is for those people that still believe that there are not racist inn this country, She should be ashame and arrrested for creating a situation like this. Racista mal parida mee cago en la madre que la pario..

  • canadian_22

    Gosh… I feel so embarrassed for her !

  • CindyBouchard

    Disgusting! AND I’m proud of my Mexican doctors!

  • JMM

    Is this bitch for real?

  • Scottie Payne

    I “USED” to like her….
    REV 18

  • Scottie Payne

    Never seen one of those….hahahahaha

  • Scottie Payne

    Please send flowers…I just died laughing LOL

  • Scottie Payne

    Maybe she will fare better with the morons….hahahaha

  • Alan Garber

    Can we learn more about “TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler”?

  • michael

    Dirk Diggler – nice to see he’s still working.

  • werac

    Um. Thanks but we don’t want her either. This woman is not a Christian in any way. She’s an ignorant bigot.

  • steelpier

    Leftists don’t know they’re alive, let alone recognize satire.

  • Brbara G. Louise

    The is only one race, the human race. The amount of melanin in human skin has nothing to do with intelligence or competancy Or Ann Coulter would prove that bleach blondes are the dumbest of all.

  • Brbara G. Louise

    Who are the “libs?”

  • MarianneD

    Bill Maher’s audience, for starters. Full time mockers and haters, slanderers who can’t make their case so they use ridicule as their debate tool of choice.

  • Gringo

    “explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler” LOL……

  • yeherzkel

    which colors do you prefer!

  • lcuvillier

    Satire you idiots.

  • HanzNFranz

    Douchenozzles is redundant, no? Feeble attempt at sarcasm averted, ground control.

  • Carly

    This is completely made up-it did not happen!
    However I will not let my daughter be chauffeured by a black person.
    (you lookin fine tonight,you lookin to party?,you wanna smoke some weed?-all to a 13 year old girl)

  • Captain Paul (retired) USAF

    Obongo airlines.
    Bad enough you have to sit next to theses coons.
    Now they can fly?
    Fuck me give a yt pilot anytime…

  • Carlton Mckelvy

    Fuck her!

  • skeptical

    as much as i’d love to believe this, if it really happened, it would be ALL OVER THE PLACE wouldn’t it? CNN would talk about this for WEEKS…..and yet, it’s only on this website? come on

  • Mariana

    generalizatons are odious and usually untrue. You have proven it just as well as Coulter proved her stupidity and bigotry.

  • Mariana

    We don’t want her–give her to some other group.
    From White Lady.

  • Erik

    Her followers are foolish to think Ann has a brain.

  • Erik

    Ann you better take note what you said because just in case you have to call 911 for police or fire department and the individuals who are going answer your call are African-Americans they night not respond because you said they only got there because of affirmative action and wasn’t fully qualified. So watch what you say bitch!

  • Raymond Shaw

    What doesn’t this bitch go ahead an join The Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Angrybird

    She should have jumped off the plane and let everyone flying in peace. What a stupid B*tch!

  • atlcdn

    This story is so totally unbelievable…seriously, who would believe this?

  • Guest

    This story takes my breath away. It’s so wrong on some many levels. Yet in America, in 2013 Ann Coulter has millions of fans. When did public figures start to get a ‘pass’ for crazy, erratic, aggressive behaviour in public ? Ann (a woman) chose to publicly sucker punch a decorated American Veteran who also happened to be a woman : and the punisment is a psychiatric evaluation ? … doesn’t seem like the consequence is proportionate to the bad behaviour.

  • LateNightLarry

    Ann Coulter should be placed on the Do Not Fly list, and barred from all other public transportation… including trains, busses, and taxis… If she wants to go somewhere, let her charter a private jet and specify the pilot’s skin color in the charter…

  • Ebenezer

    You people realize that this is a satire site, don’t you. But you don’t care because it reinforces your prejudices.

  • Ahcma

    Yea, RIIGGHHTT!!!. I really believe this story. Talk about left wing propaganda……brought on by a left wing media group. Really makes ya wonder……

  • VD65

    This is just another story that is purely a hoax. That is all this site puts up…political satire. The story is not true.

  • Steve

    This has nothing to do with his being Black, and everything to do with the fact that his Adam’s apple is bigger than “hers”.

  • GarnettG

    “TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler”…fkn epic lmao

  • peacemaker

    She puts people into groups….black, hispanic, etc. She was just having a blonde moment.

  • Wade

    “Dirk Diggler” …. lol

  • Jose Luis Garcia

    Ann Coulter is in the same category as Palin they both should share the same cell, for they both have the same mental problem

  • Believer

    This bitch makes her living off exploiting the Right. She wouldn’t be able to conjure up a dime if she used intelligence or reality as a basis for her ranting. The sad part is that those on the Right think she has their interests at heart but you know every time she opens her mouth she is there to exploit their ignorance and lack of education or critical thought. She is destructive, vile, repulsive and should have a sock stuffed in that big mouth full of dental work that’s been paid for by this kind of unbridled trouble making!!! This isn’t free speech but she’ll say she has the right. What load of crap. They should have embarrassed her by escorting her off the plane when they landed,

  • Dang It Carol Ann Hunigan Booher…I wanted to say that…Tee Hee

  • A lot of folks here bought this Spoof hook line and sinker …are you not proud of yourselves …?

  • cerealspiller

    Yah think?

  • cerealspiller

    Are you describing what happened when you got preggo with your daughter?

  • mareetamcintyre

    This is something if the tables was turned the person would be Jailed , slapped and already convicted! It’s certainly a double standard , people are so unrealistic when the truth are rite in front !

  • RdrFusion

    haha, that was good ;D

  • Camille Chaustre McNally

    God. That poor pilot. That would be so frustrating and humiliating.

  • Curtis Butler

    Bill Maher is right: Anne Coulter is truly bat-shit crazy!

  • Jennifer Benton

    LOL It’s a joke.

  • Jennifer Katona

    Coulter is smart. The notion that “African-Americans” belong in aircraft cockpits is beyond absurd.

  • Barb Prasow

    Ok people. Apparently this is not true. Lets not get carried away.

  • seara1248

    Just checked out on snopes.com. FALSE. http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp

  • thothsellshomes

    Is it just me or does Ann Coulter seem to look more and more like one of those stripper pole girls?

  • erbmon

    What a hateful c**t. She’s going to live forever because her brimstone heart will never cease.

  • lorranneb

    what a c-u next tuesday lol!!

  • Anthony Cooper

    I wonder what if she needed a doctor for a critical procedure and found out that the Dr. was Black or Mexican? Thank God she didn’t live in Jesus Time and was a Samaritian she would really feel the stink of hate. And to think she’s a writer and wrote a book! The bible teaches that the life and death are in the tongue, I guess she just died!

  • Lindsay Haisley

    Someone is trying to out-onion The Onion.

  • Norma Jean

    I think Ann has all the experience and credentials, with faux news behind her, of being America’s as well as American Airlines, ASSWIPE of the century!

  • Tim Raveling

    Jesus I was hoping that book title would be fake too … nope

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s called parody folks.
    Don’t let it moisten your panties so much.
    They mock people who matter.
    You don’t matter.

  • Migsatsix

    Disqualified, yes as the black female pilot could not answer this Question:
    Can you hack a MiG at six G’s? Can you pull six G’s without spilling a drop of your CR? R U familiar with the term, no visual, no tally no Fn clue? Remember, it’s your PC life too.

  • Mark Carter

    i am a Tea Partiest, a christians, and a real american,! I agrees with Priscilla, I am not risking my life for the whining liberals and affirmative action! My pastor said that a minority that takes a job for affirmatives action is going straigh to hells.Amen! Praise the lords! I am a real american!

  • Hoosier Lad

    Hey! What? Thought it was known for years Coultarr had dated and partnered with numerous “men of color!”

  • cakyrias

    Yeah, well you right-wing-nuts use misrepresentation and outright lies in all your arguments. You’re hateful people whom Jesus will reject in a heartbeat.


    Remember “the wars of the world” on the radio,by H.G. Wells…ppl. acted the same way…always ck. what you read some times…

  • Guest

    Oh, you forgot to say I’m a redneck (a christian [S]). Woh hates every non-white. Woha ha ha

  • Guest

    Oh, you forgot to say I’m a redneck (a christian [S]). Who hates every non-white and because I’m a hater my frigggn life is miserable as fuck. Woha ha ha

  • Lilian

    Oh, you forgot to say I’m a redneck, “a christian [s]” thanks for adding (s) Mr. real american..lol. I’m also a republican who hates every
    non-white and because I’m a hater my frigggn life is miserable as fuck.
    Woha ha ha

  • Lilian

    Birds of the same feather flock together 🙂

  • bowie1

    How does she know how much experience the pilot has? If Ms. Coulter is a Christian as some have alleged, perhaps she should have faith that the Lord will protect her or call her “home” if her time has come.

  • bowie1

    P.S. It has just occurred to me this article could be a satire which if I’m not mistaken is what the Daily Currant is all about.

  • Lily White

    Yeah, while this thread is satire, there is NO way with all of Mr. Coulter’s hatred towards everyone, s/he’s a christian.

  • john smith

    Well , she is free to any airplane she wants, To be completely safe , she has to built her own airplane, become her own pilot or train a trusted family member. she is really sick, sorry for her .

  • pastor should avoid politic

    The one who lost his life for me[ Jesus] will live forever in my kingdom. believe and you will keep yourself away from foolish ideas. your pastor knows well that you should obey the law where you live. if it’s the law, so people we elected vote for it. Tell your pastor to be concentrated on the bible and stay away from politic. he will be judged according to what he I doing on earth.

  • Mark Carter

    I am a real american, a tea partiest, My pastor saids your a judged from how many prayers and good deeds you did for the childrens! And that no whining liberals will enter the kingdoms of the heavens! Praise the lords and ad an amen baby!

  • mnike

    it will be best to check who planted, harvested her fruits, vegetables on her table. I apologize is the most used word in America. you never hear . i change my mind based on what I said. stop eating in restaurant with minority cooks, servers and food grown by them.

  • Ken Warfield

    I guess it wouldn’t sound any better if it was an African American man refusing to board a plane with a Blond pilot??

  • TickleMeElmo

    Your pastor is a white trash knuckle dragging loser….

  • Mark Carter

    I am a tea partiest, a real american and a christains from Kentuckys. I am a real american and a revolutionaries. Why should people be angry at anns for speakings the truth! You are not safe flying with a pilots who was given the job becaue of the affirmatives action! Is it worth the lives of all the real americans and christians on the plane? I am a real americans!

  • Mark Carter

    Sounds like a bunch of jibber jabbing double talk from an athiest pot smoking liberals! You need towatch who you are messing with, I am a real american and a patriot! A tea partiest you sob!

  • JKel

    Your pastor really needs to reread his bible cuz no where in the bible is that stated. You may also want to rethink attending his service if he’s feeding you that kind of nonsense.

  • Kali Nakamura

    REAL AMERICAN? on stolen land…lol so youre native american? wait….it wasnt even called america by the natives…your are like 10 times stupid….no minority made affirmative action…a white man did…Kill YOURSELF..but first kill your children

  • Kali Nakamura

    kill the white people…..its the only way for any other race to exist or even live normally…..I know you white animal mutant scum may not like this here but fuck you and your children….you motherfuckers are the anti nature creation….youre anti everything…..FUCK YOU

  • Mark Carter

    Nakumera, thats not evens americans, i am a tea partist and a revloutionaries.but i donts consider myself a heros but thank you in advance americas.
    we believe in freedoms and taxations without the representations..My pastor said that obamas wants to take our guns and give them to the illegal immigrants so they can sell drugs to the childrens! I am a revovlutinaries and a real american. like in the 50s when america was great and you could walk down the streets with prides. all the blacks were happy, singing and dancing.

  • Gordon Ramsay

    FAKE story. This is a SATIRE website

  • Fluffy

    Your an idiot

  • Ron Patrick

    Your Pastor said that? Where in the Bible did he read that from?

  • Ron Patrick

    Dude, I really hope you don’t speak the same way you type. Don’t blame loosing a job to affirmitive action. You can’t type a decent sentence to save your life, or sound anything close to intelligent.

  • Mark Carter

    You need to watch your tone when you speaks with a real american, a tea partiest! I am a real american, and dont yous call me a racist you lazy whinings liberals! Your wats wrongs with this countrys. My pastor said you will experience the eternal damnations for your foolishness! I am a real american and a rebels!

  • mahki

    yeah bish, now that you mention it…get off the mufcukn plane and catch a cab. we ready to fly high in the friendly sky.

  • Ed Walden

    Horseshit, this never happened. Once again the liberal media making up stories for its sheeple

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    Ohhhh, the irony of a bunch of haters commenting on fiction to bash someone that they also hate while condemning hate………. Would be funny if it weren’t true. Very academic folks. Well done.

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    You’re a plant…….. and a fairly obvious one at that……..

  • R.a. Knauf

    This country has lost,even the pretense,of intelligence and common sense.As an American,I am now ashamed of my countrymen.

  • What saddens me is the number of people who are commenting that think this is a true news article. It’s satire – humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person. In this case the writer considers Ann Coulter’s stance/views on affirmative action to be negative/wrong/bad. The writer took Ann Coulter’s stance on affirmative action and twisted it by putting her as a character in a story.

  • KimBella

    White women…white women…get it together. Your unraveling! First your skin, now this! The fear you have had with black women is too long to talk about! Its staring to show that we was once Queens and will rule the throne once again and put you back in the caves where you beleong!

  • Everyday Human Being

    Why do you people at the Daily Current feel it’s your duty to make people angry at each other? Isn’t there enough REAL problems between the races? You feel you need to create MORE problems by telling LIES? What good have you done? Wait, let me answer my own question….NONE !!1 you have done NOTHING good by posting this lie !!!!
    Why don’t you try to help things instead of hurt things?

  • mammasgirl

    Give her a parachute and say jump.

  • jenn

    So being a racist is a mental illness now! Why not press charges?? Come on! Are we gonna continue to allow this kind of foolishness??

  • mother195548034

    This broad is crazy, and needs to be locked up!!

  • Jerald Lacy

    American Air should put out a statement to people like Coulter that AA only hires qualified pilots, and that if she, among others have problems with our pilots based on race, religion, sexual orientation, then they are not welcome to fly with AA…

  • Robert Troy

    I take it that all of you tea partiers must have the same pastor. You all say that your pastor says the same thing. So, I must ask myself, “just denomination is this” and I can only draw one conclusion since you all seem to hate blacks and Jews, and they points to the KKK. Now, as mentioned before, Affirmative Action is NOT a black thing…It was invented by a WHITE man. I’ll quietly tell all that you have killed yourself and your children to rid the planet of trailer trash !!!

  • Robert Troy

    Mark Carter, “Childrens” ??? Your Pastor says? do you do everything your pastor says? In that case, id your pastor says flush yourself down the toilet, will that make it right for you? Even half idiots have enough sense to make some decisions on their own. Obviously, you are not a half idiot but a complete one.

  • Robert Troy

    In other words, you are a complete idiot, right? At least that is what your pastor told me…

  • Rebecca Katzav

    This is so stupid. People actually believe this. The Daily Currant is a political satire paper. Meaning it’s fake. It’s the same as getting your news from watching Saturday Night Live.

  • Cesar Arango

    LMAO Good one.

  • Cesar Arango

    Real American?? I don’t care for that flap Anne Coulter, but you real American? LOL You would not know the first thing about being a true American. America encompasses all of the western hemisphere. But I imagine in your little self-righteous world, you feel you have more entitlement than others. Just where was the tea party when that punk Bush was sending troops to their deaths for oil…errr… WMD’s?? As a former Marine and as a true American, as you call it. I don’t divide my fellow Americans by their political alliance. What is bothersome, is that you allow your political views to belittle those who do not agree with you. As an ex- conservative (and no, I am not a liberal so save your stupid comments for someone who cares like Fox New) to be true you have to be objective and think for yourself. Not because you are aligned with some loser political party. “I think, therefore I am.” Remember those words? I guess that would be too hard for your small brain. The real SOB’s here are people like you and organizations like the tea-party.

  • Cesar Arango

    Very good Robert. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Mark Carter

    Tea partiest are real Americans because we believe in the constitutions! you should reads it! You are a whining liberals and is whats wrong with americas! If you hates your country so much, you should move to communist chinas and sees how you likes it there! My pastor said that you are a homosexual and probably on drugs. My pastor said you are crazy because you smoke the crystal meth that the liberals love!!!

  • Mark Carter

    How dares you, ! You need to put the crack pipe down you whining communist liberals! My pastor said you are in a cult that the whining liberals smoke crack at! You need to get a job and stop having babies and living on the welfares!! thats my tax dollars that could be spent building more churches for jesus childrens and tea partiers!

  • Mark Carter

    You are ignorant! And a loser! I am a tea partiest and a real american! You area whining liberals and probably a homosexuals!

  • Wilda Lampley West

    Mark it’s time for u & yo pastor to shut the fuck up…..

  • Doubtful

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler, “We recommended against pressing charges, and mandated a full psychiatric evaluation.” Really? Dirk Diggler TSA Spokesperson?

  • Bill

    Ann Colter is the biggest idiot that I have ever seen!

  • Simeret Woldu

    This is what happen when the Gays get a platform. She was Adam before she was Ann, wow look at the Adams Apple.

  • An Intellectual

    It’s satire.

  • annoyed citizen

    people who believe this are fools. this isnt real. goes to show how many dumb people there are on the internet/in america

  • Gregory C Jarrett

    Mark Carter , you are an idiot living in a contrived fantasy about the past…. I lived through the 50s in real life – when you were obviously sitting in front of a black and white TV set being brainwashed…

  • Jan-Michael Hughes

    nobody picked up the TSA reps name? Dirk Diggler. LOL

  • WayneOvolcano

    If the report is true? Ann this is a little over the top. If the pilot in question was a former combat pilot, I hear an apology in the wind.

  • Paul

    “Clearly this woman has some sort of mental illness,” explains TSA spokesperson Dirk Diggler,” the star of Boogie Nights!

  • Emani Richardson

    this is a fake dirk diggler LOL

  • samonja

    Lol … this is just too funny …

  • johnnie

    then till her to go in her car, she look like a man any way

  • Sam Carter

    I am glad I was not on the plane #Anne Coulter how stupid are you???? Do you realize Black African American’s were the 1st to invent/make/create majority of all that you do, live, function in today???? Sweetheart, it is 2014, say it to the right someone and you will regret it. The white man/owner/master at that time, took credit for a lot that blacks started. Take another look, you may not want to drive, eat, sleep, live on earth, blacks have there hands in a lot that you do/own/have/eat. Not only blacks, but all races. My great grand-father was white and love my great grand-mother, married her and had 10 kids together, and was well taken care of…. I dare disrespect another race. You will be dealt with if not by the law, God, keeps record of all, you truly reap what you sow. That pilot fought for our Country and you disrespect/insult her like that. Guess what she is human and bleed the same color as you red. Be careful what you say to others, because it can happen to someone important to you if not yourself, but worse. Have some class lady!

  • Thoepagha

    A black and a woman pilot!! Definitely yes, because she have to make three times more effort than a ordinary white guy to fly. Will fly with her 1000 times.

  • smartreply11 .

    She says: “What are we going to allow Mexicans to be doctors now?”Whoah imagine if Mexico actually had doctors? Some peoples racism is shows how stupid they really are.

  • Ernest Johnson

    So let me get this straight, Men from a middle eastern country can come to the U.S learn to fly, but not want to learn to land with no questions asked, but we have a problem with a black woman who is also a Air Force Vet flying …… ??? Oh and by the way those Middle Eastern men I am talking about were the 9-11 assholes.

  • Rahsaan Woods

    Dirk Diggler seriously really this is a joke, I almost posted this crap on my wall, I am glad I read this article before I posted it!

  • Kikster

    You’re lumping her in with people with a mental illness? No. She’s an idiot. Not someone with a mental illness.

  • steelydan

    you say you’re christian but you pray to lords. last time i checked christianity is a monotheist religion.

  • Zeeta

    You know this is a joke, right? The Daily Currant is like the Onion. It’s purely made up.

  • Angello Ibarra

    Hello Mark, I am a man of GOD, and consider myself a Patriot. I would like to ask you if you would be willing to share which version of the bible your Pastor is teaching from because after reading all of these comments you made I have just spent the last 2 hours researching in The Kings James Bible for the information that your Pastor is teaching and could not find anything remotely close. With all due respect I would encourage you to do some research yourself because the true bible and those translations that are out there, none of them say what your Pastor is preaching. I do also have to say that there have been some people quoting that they are Christians and have shown no evidence of such, based on their comments. Although Mark’s comments are suspect and far fetched JESUS didn’t teach us to battle hate with hate, on the contrary JESUS taught us to love thy neighbor as thy self. We as Christians must pray for Mark and his Pastor, that GOD almighty will reveal the truth into their hearts, that GOD will become a lantern unto their feet and a light unto their path.

  • coulter is an attention whore, and a mentally unstable one at that . since she intentionally missed her flight, i sure hope they make her pay for a new ticket to fly … or put her on the no fly list for causing a ruckus on the plane

  • cc

    Mark You and your pastor need JESUS…… Hello If your Pastor tell you to jump off a roof I bet you Tea party behind would JUMP but wait make sure you give him your money if you have any because
    you probably give it to your Dumb pastor ha ha you are not American Your a Dumb _ _ _! enough said

  • Paul T.
  • Maximillian Jefferies

    How long did it take before they realized u were a black, homosexual, liberal bating a response…lol

  • Blackascanbe

    this is a satirical post you idiots

  • SteveStevensen


  • Mas spas

    Your first clue that this wasn’t true was the TSA spoke persons name…Helloo?? Dirk Diggler!! Anyone remember Boogie Nights?

  • Casey

    Wait people don’t realize this is satire? Even with the TSA agent Dirk Diggler? YIKES.

  • Nate Higgers

    Ann Coulter sat by and watched as I allowed 2 Black Trannies to blow me in an Adult bookstore last summer.

  • Mel Lewis

    When I read Dirk Diggler, I knew it was fake. Funny though.

  • mia_sol

    Wait. The TSA consultant’s name is Dirk Diggler? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFL!!!!

  • jeff

    Coulter is as evil as Hitler.

  • Concerned about Idiots

    She is Crazy and someone needs to question her ability to be a reporter, since being non-biased is obviously not a trait she possess. Stupid B*&^(%!

  • Nut job…does she drink?

  • MamaJay

    @ Damico Hall…….yes that is the response a christian would give.

  • Nunya Bidnez

    Can you say No Fly List for the weirdo?

  • Justin

    Careful, Ann. The TSA Ob*ma GoonSquad might put you on the NO FLY LIST!

  • Gregory Marshall

    It’s B.S.


    Don’t believe everything you read, fact check first.

  • Karen Elizabeth

    UNbelievable….and you’re concerned about idiots??

    btw, she’s not a reporter.

    being intelligent enough to recognize a hoax is obviously not a trait you possess.


    just, wow.

  • Kris Kopsaftis

    Who writes this stuff? A 3rd grader? You guys don’t understand what satire is at all…..satire requires wit and intelligence. You just write fake stories so idiots fall for it……what a waste of time this site is…..Go read the Onion…..or National Lampoons……

  • mytgo

    lol this is like a joke im pretty sure

  • herminescates


  • Ryan

    Mark Carter- how old are you? This ignorant rant of poor spelling, repetitive comments and an unhealthy cultish fascination with your pastor is not becoming of an adult with a 12 year education. Hate plus ignorance equals irrelevance!

  • Tush

    ll the blacks were happy, singing and dancing.<<< R U SERIOUS?! You gotta be kidding me with that one!

  • Tush

    Funny thing is white women are the biggest welfare recipients lol

  • Mariana Cadena

    Stupid sick woman… she also kill animals… she really need help, or the ppl who can be around her, she is dangerous!!!

  • garry lafferty

    Why was Coulter not charged with disturbing the peace or inciting a riot. Any one else would have went to jail or a nut house However Regan shut most down.

  • garry lafferty

    Benghazi BOOOOO

  • garry lafferty

    She gives women a bad name. Women are nutcases.

  • garry lafferty

    I heard Bush did some t-baggen with Putin in vintage car. Bush said I see his soul. Know lets t-bag each other.

  • garry lafferty

    Benghazi was a racist gop did you not know,

  • garry lafferty

    They thought Regan was a Christian far from it. Star watcher more like . His sign was fool I think,

  • Guest Pass

    this is a parody site.

  • itsacrazyworld

    You can put a dress on a camel but that still doesn’t make it a woman.

  • Betty

    Where did you learn English! You are a jackass!

  • Betty

    Your pastor is an idiot, a bigot, a racist and a pure fool!

  • Ron S

    Why to they make this story up as satire but don’t tell us so. Trying to make us all believe it is true. IT IS A FALSE STORY FOLKS. NOT ONE WORD OF IT IS TRUE! SORRTY FOR THOSE WHO TRULY WISHED IT TO BE. ESPECIALLY THOSE ON THE LEFT WHO LOVE TO HATE HER. SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE.

  • Ron S

    Not fooling me Mark. You are not what you claim to be. What a phony, and a jerk. You’re one of them….the left, deceitful, and out of touch crowd.

  • Mike

    I love these internet hoaxes! They’re as fanciful as a transformers’ movie.

  • Coulter is one of the biggest pieces of human garbage on the planet ….

  • wiz
  • Phazes

    Good! The Less Trash. The Betterment For The Precious Cargo!

  • Newyorican

    Hmm, spreading hate and calling himself a Christian. True Christians do not spread hate!

  • Marsha Marie Manjang

    Christian my Foot you are foolish Jesus Christ died for the sins of us all black and white. Yes even you Mark Carter with your foolish talk which profits nothing but to show what a ignorant, illiterate, satanic person you are. The bible says you should love others as yourself. How tell me can you love yourself and hate others not possible. You are lost I pray you find yourself. Your racist rants expose you, embarrass you and every other white person racist like you or not you are an embarrassment to the human race!! Shame on you!!

  • Mark Carter

    You needs to watch your tones when you speaks to a tea partiest, we are real americans! My pastor said that it would be easier for an elephants to go through the eye of a needle, then it is for a whining pot smoking liberals to enter the kingdoms of the heavens! Can I get an amen!, We wants to bring americas back to when we were great, in the 1950s! Everybody had integrities,, and the black peoples were happy, always singing and dancing.

  • Guest

    They should post here followers just to make sure their hairless.

  • Yahya Fleming

    They should post photos of what her followers look-like just to see if they’re actually hairless.

  • Georgia Johnson

    Why wasn’t she arrested for Inciting a RIOT? Had it been just plain jane, She been in Handcuff. I don’t think it funny. To the pilot who risk her life flying in WAR, Come home, Have a person Demean her Is outrages, She no better then the men in’ Georgia’ That Lynched a World war two soldier in his UNIFORM,

  • ihateracists

    I hope there is a Black Person flying every plane she sets foot on! Dirt Rascal Biotch!

  • proxyvote

    why is this C— in the news for anything ?

  • Greta441

    “The Daily Currant” is not real. It’s fake. This never happened. Look at other stories. One was that obama has resigned. This site makes up stories. They don’t try to hide that fact.

  • Greta441

    This is in the “About” section of this website:

    Q. Are your news stories real?
    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional.

  • DarCig

    She has a point, the way affirmative action is administered now is that it is a provision for minorities who might be less qualified for certain jobs. It is used a quota system not what Affirmative Action was meant for.

  • Gravity

    The black decorated pilot should be pissed off at all the colleges and other institutions that DO promote African Americans whether they earned it or not! Watch “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”. The Actor Spencer Tracy asks Sidney Poitier how he managed to get so many degrees in such a short time. Sidney said “Well, you know I think some of my professors were so impressed that I was there – and the work it took to get there – and they just promoted me”. I’m paraphrasing. Watch it yourself. It’s always been true that minorities are given a break at times. I think she could have asked for flying history or something like that. If she died in a flight she would be one less voice against the current socialist/communist attempted takeover of the USA.

  • lowellhighmom

    I keep rereading this….. this must be satirical site? Is it not?
    If this is true… I’m beyond speechless.

  • George Foltz

    This is a total hoax,just Google the accusations,more mud from Libtard JO’s.

  • oldermaybewizer

    Dude, I think you were played here. Check out his comments on other articles.

  • oldermaybewizer


  • oldermaybewizer

    But it’s hilarious that so many people are taking him seriously! I know sometimes it’s hard to tell….

  • oldermaybewizer

    “them”?! Aren’t we all in this together? Don’t we all have a (huge) stake in making this country work? The problem is those that see this as an “us” or “them” fight, winning (if that’s what you want to call it!) at any and all cost.

  • bikerdogred1

    You would have to to be a democrat to believe this ever happened and I am sure MSNBC is terrified.

  • James Jones

    They put out these lies, call it satire or humor and know there will be enough ignorant readers who will believe it.

  • MsgtGdubb


  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    It’s not that hard. Anytime you see someone claiming to be a Conservative saying outrageous things that you and I intuitively know Conservatives don’t say……… plant.

    I suspect the LEFTIES know it’s a plant too, but they’re willing to advance the lie to smear those they disagree with…… what a lovely bunch, no?

  • Jeff Erickson

    Hmmm, wonder how it would go if good ole Al Sharpton said it. “Hmm, a white pilot, maybe he was hired for affirmative action.”
    And then, the liberal media would totally agree.

    Do your own research people. This story’s a crock.

  • Dennis Hammond
  • Dennis Hammond

    Like sheep to the slaughter. Liberals will believe anything.

  • bapdco

    Does anyone here, anyone at all, NOT realize this is SATIRE?? And, btw, who can remember the TSA agent “Dirk Diggler”. That was Mark Wahlburg’s role in Boogie Nights.. Sheesh,,,,,,

  • James Brandon Justice

    She’s right. Just like I refuse to have a black or other minority doctor. I know they checked the little box, and the only reason they got into that school is because of that box, not because they deserved to be there.

  • sonofeire

    Oh, please! Leftists make generalizations about anyone more conservative than themselves on a regular basis.

  • sonofeire

    For God’s sake, people! This is a satirical site. This story is MADE UP.

  • bobe123

    Satire but completely believable coming from this racist bigot. And the truth is that Ann Coulter has actually said things which are equally and sometimes even more outlandish and bigoted than this bit about a black female pilot.

  • commonsense

    WOW!!!! Hard to believe that ANYONE really takes this story, or “Mark” seriously. If this is the level of discernment of most of the population, it leaves me unsurprised Obama attained re-election. So,so sad that our country has been dumb-downed to this extreme. When I was growing up, I didn’t feel that I was “smarter than your average bear” but after viewing the comments here, I realize I must be in the top 10%. Please, use the brains you were born with people, don’t just waste them! SAD!!!!

  • Masmani

    What’s hilarious is how quickly the left is ready to hate. You do realize the Daily Currant is purely satire. don’t you?

  • Laura Rangel

    What a moron. Doesn’t she know there are doctors in Mexico? And if the pilot is qualified to fly an airliner, don’t think the employer was smoking anything when they hired her.

  • Brad Buckhout

    Ann Coulter is clearly a moron and Needs to have a psychiatric evaluation. What an insult to a US Veteran !!! However she isn’t completely off base we have elected a President that has absolutely no qualifications or comprehension of what he is doing. Elected due to affirmative action BS!

  • Keith

    Meg Dean…. that was as bigoted as she was … you’re just like her.. congratulations…..

  • ThomasER916

    You’re a fking idiot. This is a joke story.

  • ThomasER916

    Why are you so stupid?

  • ThomasER916

    You’re such an idiot.

  • ThomasER916

    Every Libtard on earth will believe it. They’re the stupidest, most indoctrinated Useful Idiots in all of human existence.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re such an idiot. It’s satire you moron.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re clearly so stupid from indoctrination you can’t even be correct on accident.

  • Christian Figueroa

    Ann Cunter Needs to be sent to afghanistan. Maybe there, they will have the good sense to shoot her in the head. It might even end the war if they did something so magnificent.

  • RuralStupidity

    Pretty sad when satire is this close to reality.

  • RuralStupidity

    You mean the fake ones.

  • RuralStupidity

    Does that make her statement any less valid?

  • RuralStupidity

    While this is satire, your comment is correct. Total bigot.

  • RuralStupidity

    Her followers don’t think, which suggests they suffer from the same condition.

  • RuralStupidity

    Uh-oh! We caught another righty reading satire.

  • John
  • Estella Cohen

    Wonder if the pilot will sue for defamation of character? I’d find her guilty. It’s only a thought.

  • mikeatle

    Ann Coulter is a woman?

  • Lori Shaulis

    This is satire, you do all know that, right? She did not say or do any of the things from this article. I can’t say I’m a fan but really, if your going to hate someone at least hate them for something they actually did.

  • Lori Shaulis

    Actually blacks are the biggest welfare recipients closely followed by whites.


  • tlmasejr

    You people would believe anything. Hahaha, typical Progressive Socialists.

  • Josef

    Ann Coulter is a Liberal fantasy.

  • Miles Goodison-Fearon

    Beat me to a good one, Carol. Kudos!

  • Matt Smallwood

    Ann Coulter needs to become a human being. Assuming she can’t be qualified pilot because she was a black woman. Coulter would never say that about a white male pilot, I bet. And a lot of them might be nearly the pilot this woman was. Racist idiot is what Coulter is.

  • Carl Gottstein

    Slander Ann all you want, it wont help you. Liberals are done. America has moved on.

  • Susan Stamper Dooley

    You people are so gullible.

  • mrsgop44

    I am conservative and will not support Coulter on this issue. Clearly, she is suffering from some instability,

  • mrsgop44

    Just saw this article was posted over a year ago. Can’t imagine why I didn’t hear about this incident then.

  • Cheryl


    This is untrue. It never happened. Checked snopes, urban legends and several other sources and the people who wrote the story even claim it is a fictitious account. Don’t believe everything you read about those “horrible conservatives”

  • StigRossi

    I’m a leftist and I know this is satire…

  • StigRossi

    I think this is a parody…

  • Markas Alan

    Sometimes the best satire is so close to the truth that you can’t tell if it is satire.


    Stupid me ? because i don’t like this narcissistic piece of racist, hate mongering excuse of a human being who eeks her living off the misery of other people,She comes from a prevalent family here in Ct , her brother has a criminal record for child molestation or voyuerism i can’t remember which …. how do i really feel ? THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT THIS MEDIA WHORE …………..YOU IDIOT

  • ThomasER916

    You’re so indoctrinated you’re BEYOND stupid.

    This is a joke article you brainless, d!ckless, hopeless, helpless, know-nothing clown.

    Did you understand that you Pavlovian Mutt? No. Of course you didn’t. You’re beyond stupid. You can’t even be correct on accident.

  • ImBatman

    Completely bogus.This source should NEVER be trusted again. All the fools with their comments disparaging Ann Coulter should be ashamed, but of course, truth doesn’t matter to you. You eat everything that feeds your narrow minded world view. Sycophantic, ignorant fools! http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp

  • ImBatman

    Completely bogus.This source should NEVER be trusted again. All the
    fools with their comments disparaging Ann Coulter should be ashamed, but
    of course, truth doesn’t matter to you. You eat everything that feeds
    your narrow minded world view. Sycophantic, ignorant fools! http://www.snopes.com/politics

  • ImBatman

    Really? Satire? You see, this is the type of bilge you folks put forth constantly. As you can see by the comments, it is consumed by the ignorant masses with glee.

  • John Hewitt

    The problem with these fake satire articles is that the ignorant read them and believe them to be true, and I believe that is the intent. Many people’s opinions of people like Ann Coulter are based on things like this article, or other half truths and partisan spin. I don’t agree with everything she says, but she is not the monster she is made out to be.

  • zx74125800

    Very funny, and contrarian silliness aside, she is just this much of a loon. You cannot cure her kind of mental illness. Very funny.

  • zx74125800

    Want to bet?

  • Mr. Sid

    Carol, that’s funny!

  • Ray

    We all know Ann Coulter is a ” Racist Asshole ” so who gives a fuck that Ann Coulter has to say.

  • George G.

    Put her on the “no fly” list. She’s a domestic terrorist!

  • Gal5

    thousands of shares for this satire, as fact. What a sad world,
    How easy it is to believe a lie when you think the subject is the “correct” person to hate.

  • Dorothy Gore

    Let the bitch walk.

  • newt dal


  • Sierra

    Masquerading as Ann Colter? Toto is nowhere to be found because no mutt wants to be seen with her.

  • Sierra

    And who are YOU to decide whether or not someone else is a Christian? You don’t have a right to determine another person’s relationship (or lack of) with God.

  • Sierra

    Please explain to us what is a “real American”.

  • Sierra

    I don’t believe your pastor said any such things.

  • disqus_SFuH2o3nbA

    The hypocrisy of this situation is that Ann Coulter got to where SHE is today because of affirmative action programs, for women! (For getting her into law school or the workplace).

  • al11

    you all do realize this is a spoof, right? it did not happen…

  • Gregg Dudash

    My BS detector is screaming a loud alert. While mildly amusing, I pity the liberal fools who swallow this crap. They truly are mindless drones.

  • Dion Rajewski

    This is

  • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

    I don’t believe this.I am certain that it is just more “progressive”bs.Notice that in the facebook article there was no place to leave a comment.In the war of ideas Libs are unarmed.!!

  • Tenise Woodard


  • Charles Hill


  • Kozmo

    http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/coulter.asp Only idiots and mouth-breathers believe this nonsense! See below for a list of the truly gullible and stupid!

  • Sharpshooter

    Amazing when you realize that Coulter was just saying what a great many don’t have guts enough to say. As an aside, “Affirmative Action” has produced more “mediocrity” than any other Congressional action in the history of this country!

  • Guest

    The Daily Currant: The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record. Or, better known as “The Publication By Dork For Dorks”

  • Mike

    “The Daily Currant: The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record” Better known as “The Publication By Dorks, For Dorks”

  • Mike

    Uh-oh! Another opportunist elitist communist.

  • whitey

    They don’t, that why they mixed with white blood so they could be smart AND better looking.

  • Big_Gay_Al

    I hope you all realize it’s fake. 🙂

  • Whiteeagle

    AW !!! …. Didn’t Realize It Was A ‘Fake’ News Source ….. Was ALREADY Fantasizing About The ‘Prospects’ Of That Scenario Including Me …. lol !!!

  • Whiteeagle

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER !!! :0

  • bsurfside

    Poisoned by racism ,I think she did it for publicity ,but it also underlines PC pervasive culture when majority get their promotions and positions not because of the ability but minority status it was same when I went to school same in labor market now and another point perhaps AC CONFUSED THE PILOT with MICHELLE O.

  • bsurfside

    She does have brain the same way Al Sharpton has brain both are smelly refuse but they con a lot of people

  • bsurfside

    Just look at the pitiful Rachel M from MSNBC the FOX News clone both equal ,no humor only dull boringly stupid announcements and proclamations ,however Fox is getting better by leaps and bounds

  • bsurfside

    Leftist understanding satire that goes for any Ideolog ?

  • Mick Bodine

    I didnt check to see if this was a satire site or not. (it must be). Because this story is bullshit.

  • LMW51

    Uhm. Satire? You do realize the Daily Currant is fake news correct?

  • LMW51

    The Daily Currant is a satirical news source.

  • LMW51

    The Daily Currant is FAKE NEWS …pay attention please.

  • LMW51

    It was satire….read a bit please.

  • LMW51

    It was satire. No wonder Obama is President despite Obamacare. Too many of you folk are fooled by propaganda and satire.

  • LMW51

    Well, since it was “reported” by a “satire” news site, who cares what YOU have to say since obviously you are so unaware as to believe that this really took place. Wake up please. Your country needs you to be an intelligent and informed voter.

  • LMW51

    Except it didn’t happen. Joke is on YOU. The Daily Currant is a satirical news source. Wake up. Your country needs you to recognize when you are being sold a lie.

  • LMW51

    You know her personally? Or just read about her on SATIRICAL sites and PROPAGANDA source sites? If you fell for this satire, then I’m sure we already know the answer don’t we?

  • LMW51

    And you know Ann Coulter personally? Read her books? Been to a speech? Seen a real interview? Or do you just get your information about her from propaganda sites which allow you to believe that satire is reality?

  • LMW51

    Because it was SATIRE.

  • Jon Weiss

    With all the hyperbole surrounding Coulter, from the left, I would like to see the video of Coulter’s comments before castigating begins.

  • disqus_XK9gIx2U7h

    There is really no such thing as a “native American”the oldest people to ever inhabit this continent came over a land bridge from Asia.They may have been here longer than most;but they are NOT native to this continent anymore than someone who was born here in the 21st century.

  • hadenough48

    This is more democrat communist lies. They get away with everything starting with lying out their red ass’s. It’s like the main stream commie news when 100’s of them read off the same telepromter script. No independent thinking ever. Communist clones, everyone of them.

  • Big A

    Dirk Diggler? You idiots believe any of this?

  • Sanford Sklansky

    I know this is late, but you do know this is a satrical site

  • Cesar Arango

    And you´re how old?

  • mollycanadian

    Good satire because it could be true.

  • ProudZimbabwean

    shame, poor bitch!

  • Jose

    what pisses me off about this hateful woman, is that she is looking for attention and getting the air time, but who’s fault is that if not the media, who are always looking for sensationalism.

  • t_girl

    coz the black ones are walking the streets to support their babies i guess…..lol

  • jpct50
  • Inseouk Hong

    this has got to be fake. this is extra strength bonkers even for her. and the TSA spokesman name is dirk diggler. really?

  • sspence65

    The author got the name wrong, it’s spelled “Nancy Pelosi” ….

  • Melvin Miller

    You are living in some sort of fantasy world.

  • compuwise

    I realize this is almost two years old but come on. Its fake. The name of the TSA agent was “Dirk Diggler”!? A comedy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dirk_Diggler_Story

  • Gino Carlos

    She does have brain. It’s made of crap!

  • Jerry G.

    I would strongly think any airline that would put someone in the pilot’s seat would only use very competent people for that task.

    I am very surprised at Ann Coulter because of her education and background she would exhibit that type of behaviour. I have listened to her talks. Even though I found some of her opinions very controversial and somewhat out of line she has been interesting to listen to. Technically, she is a very well educated woman. I am very surprised at this news.

  • disqus_cYzspNiyt1

    I can’t believe that people actually believe this . It’s no wonder this country is so screwed up.

  • TioDon

    I went to my dentist one day and, instead of my usual dentist, this black guy comes in and says “I”m going to be your dentist today”. I just looked at him and said “Wanna bet?”. Yeah, a guy with a dental degree from MLK community college….I don’t think so.

  • veronica Alleyne

    so, let her walk

  • Enuff_Zenuff

    Seriously folks – get a grip. If you can’t recognize an entertaining parody like this, it’s no wonder you could be fooled into voting for Obama. Even liberal Snopes.com concurred that this story about Ann Coulter was false – yet how many of you proved Gruber was right (‘pro-Obamacare voters ARE stupid’) by tweeting this article to your friends?

    If you are really looking for some great entertainment, read some of Ann Coulter’s actual columns! – Her rapier wit is much funnier than this silly article gives her credit for. If you’re a Progressive who can’t handle the truth (forgive the redundancy), she’ll leave you in a sputtering, impotent rage and what could be funnier than that?

  • Enuff_Zenuff

    Are YOU serious?- Mark Carter is making an extremely lame attempt to parody conservatives and the religious right. He’s as pathetic as white people trying to mimic black lingo – as if they could fool anyone. Criticize the lameness of his humor all you want but whatever you do, don’t swallow it! The guy needs a real life because the only people he’s going to fool with his garbage are people who are easily fooled.

  • futurelife

    from the comments below, I see judgment on freedom of speech… I don’t care of her much but like many who are afraid of flying for some reason Coulter has one about Black women flying her anywhere. Sad but all she had to do is get off the plane. After what happen in Ferguson MO, who knows what to do anymore. This government has forced Americans to pay taxes on health insurance, forced Americans to pay their wages for life plus great benefits, forced Americans to allowed illegals to get by with murder and stay in this country anyway, forced Americans to listen to lie after lie, forced our children to eat the sh*t that is now called healthy school lunches while they eat what they want, go where they want making us pay pay pay and etc etc….. Don’t judge fear just because someone you see on the other side a little nuts then. At least Coulter didn’t lie about it, she just said what she was afraid of. The democrats and obama just lies, cover up or come right out and deny any wrong doing of any kind.

  • futurelife

    OH a God hater, a Christ hater speaks out and look how many agree with them… WOW and people wonder why America has lost so much freedom or maybe your too young to know what freedom use to be like in America.

  • EdCoulter

    I thought she was on the no-fly list

  • Maggie Sullivan

    Just luv it when liberals are fooled by lies…….