Cory Booker Gives CPR to Random Person at Super Bowl

Feb 03, 2013

wpid-bk3mdr21-1280x708-e1376085268460-257x164.jpgNewark Mayor Cory Booker gave CPR to a sleeping elderly fan during the Super Bowl tonight, in an unnecessary attempt to save her life.

The 88-year-old woman fell asleep late in the first quarter. Booker, assuming she was dying of a heart attack, sprung into action and began giving her mouth-to-mouth.

The Jumbotron in the New Orleans Superdome captured the incident and labelled Booker a hero. However, when paramedics arrived on the scene they realized that the woman, Blanche Devereaux, had simply been sleeping and had no immediate health concerns whatsoever.

Devereaux, a retired art curator from Atlanta, Georgia, says she has no plans to file charges against Booker and laughed off the misunderstanding.

"At my age you get used to people thinking you're gonna die at any second," Devereaux quipped. "But this young gentleman in particular seemed very eager to think I was dying and save my life in front of all these people."

Fans cheered when the Jumbotron showed Devereaux awake and enjoying the game. A clearly embarrassed Booker lurked in the background, apologizing profusely.

Pute Médiatique

Some of Booker's critics have pounced on the incident, suggesting that Booker acted too quickly because his insatiable appetite for positive media coverage overwhelms his competence and common sense.

Aides to Booker go even further, suggesting that his entire presence at the Super Bowl was a planned attempt to perform such a feat in front of a televised audience.

"Statistically there are two or three heart attacks per Super Bowl," an anonymous aide said. "Mayor Booker thought that if he toured the stadium looking for old people he might be able to save a life and get enormous media exposure.

"It looks like that plan backfired."

Witnesses at the scene confirm this account, saying they saw Booker wandering the stands looking for someone to save.

"Yeah, this guy wasn't even watching the game," says one Ravens fan, "He was just walking around different sections staring at the old people. Looked like he was waiting for something to happen."

Booker has been the mayor of the economically depressed New Jersey city of Newark since 2006. He has achieved notoriety because of his dauntless self-promotion and unusually frequent appearances on national media outlets.

Booker is expected to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

  • Corey Booker needs to be in Newark trying to come up with money to hire more Newark Police Officers!!!, NOT enjoying the SuperBowl in New Orleans!…HORRIBLE!!!!

  • Guest

    The fact that all these crimes are happening right under his nose (Cory booker) and not having enough MAN POWER to take care of these issues …its just SAD.
    Do your JOB…instead of trying to get all these publiities. Such foolishness!!!!

  • “Not enough Man power”
    You need the taxpayers….to have what you have…yet the citizens aren’t priority ENOUGH..unbelievable

  • Guest 2

    Instead of giving CPR to elderly and looking for publicity, he should be worry about the 162 cops from newark he laid off 2 years ago. And raising taxes and also all the carjacking and murders that’s been going on still, very high crime in newark still. He sure is trying to get media attention cuz he even wants to be on the new for so call saving a dog. He hasn’t done anything like this before in the time he’s been mayor. But now since election are coming, he wants to be a hero now. Well not getting my vote.

  • Angry Newark Resident

    Booker stop giving CPR to sleeping people and help us out here in Newark! I can’t even take my kids out to ride their bikes without being robbed of my phone! Better yet I can’t even warm up my car in the morning due to all the freaking carjackings! I just get in and go due to fear. Is this how you want the people of your city to live… in fear? Get your priorities straight!

  • soultaker

    Too bad its a fake article, Blanche Devereaux is from the Golden Girls TV show!!!

  • Karen Foster


  • stone_soup

    Not sure whether to laugh at the article, or to try guessing whether some comments are sincere or sarcastic.